Nike Roshe Run at Zalora

Recently, I'd been dieting (not quite there but yes, I'm cutting on my carbo intake) and trying to do some exercises like hula hooping, cycling and playing badminton to stay in shape. Not quite sure about you guys but for me, a pair of shoes meant for the particular sports is pretty important to me.
Like for badminton, I would go for a pair of badminton shoes which could provide high enough friction to avoid slipping during playing.
For walking, running and casual cycling, I would go for a nice comfy shoes that are lightweight and provide enough breathability, grip and balance when I do it. Apart from that, the aesthetics is pretty important too. You never know when you would need to match your outfit with a pair of nice looking sports shoes yah? ^_~
In Zalora, Nike Roshe Run holds a couple of nicely designed shoes meant for running or just taking it easy.

I took a look at the page and straight away I got attracted by the full black with white panel design.

In the Nike Roshe Run page, there are shoes meant for men and women. Here shows the ladies shoes... ok the lilac and white ones are signalling me to get them now. lolx..

Upon scrolling further, I saw a pair of mint with neon yellow lining design. That's so lovely!

Taking a look at the Womens Nike Roshe Run BR Sneakers, this pair looks promising as it is lightweight plus made with mesh for breathability and can be worn with or without socks. I'm sold. *_*

Next I took a look at the full white one, seems like it is of similar design like the BR Sneakers except for the colour. Though whites are pretty hard to maintain but I like the fact that i matches with anything that I wear. I probably would give in to this one. ^_^

Aside from the ladies' shoes, there are a couple for mens which look cool too! I like the one in blue with the same coloured logo. It is like a pair of normal sneakers which means it could blend really well with casual or even semi-smart outfit but at the same time, provides the neccessary performance for the man to run and bounce as he likes. (I'm too imaginative.. lolx~)

There is also similar coloured mint shoes for the men as like the ladies mint BR sneakers. I think Zalora is trying to promote couple wear? hahax...  But it would be a really good idea yah? Couples jogging or cycling together with the same coloured pair of sneakers. ^,^ Lovely!

Do you have a pair of good performance sneakers that you want to share with me? Or like any designs in here? I'll be happy to hear your comments! ^,~


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