Bohemian Luxe Fashion At Zalora

This year, fashion brands have once again brought Boho chic style back on the runway. As most of you know, bohemian style has evolved over the years and it is now one of the popular fashion category. Instead of donning an entire boho chic outfit, you can now incorporate the boho elements into your everyday wear and even into your daily office wear.
For that, Zalora has put up a page dedicated specially for the boho chic style and gave a unique naming of this trend - Bohemian Luxe.

Items that are related to bohemian are listed in this page. Do note that there's only Women's category under Bohemian! ^_^
At the main page, I already spotted many nice items that I really want to get!

Crochet, fringes, patterns, loose, ruffles... all these are important elements of bohemian and the list goes on. As you can see, there are infact some that are more casual than the others and some that are more formal. Even though we are talking about just bohemian style but there can be a wide range of clothes to cater for different occasions like casual, office, events and also for the hot summer weather in Singapore!

The flare pants shown below really seem so nice and airy~ They can be matched with many different kinds of boho chic tops. ^_^

One top in particular caught my attention and it is the crochet hem top from Something Borrowed. At S$20+, the price is really reasonable for an unique design like such. It would be real nice to match with either a pair of long pants or perhaps a pair of denim shorts.

 Under the Accessories category are various items like bags, accessories, shoes, sunglasses etc.

Among the above, guess what I chose? It's none other than the Steve Madden SWBLFringe Handbag~~~ Fringes! Never gonna stop loving them! This bag look real goth too yes? ^_^

Wanting to match the top and bag that I chose earlier, I landed on this page displaying a set of arm candies from ALDO. These bracelets really look pretty especially when all of them are put together. The materials range from metal alloy to plastics to fabric to what look like stone beads? I really like the gold-black-white-earth shades when combined. Moreover, it's on offer... this shall go into my wishlist!  ^,^

One would need a pair of good looking shoes to complete the look. Out of the many pairs I thought I would go for a pair of ankle boots such as Rubi's Chavez Gusset Boots but something else caught my attention... Guess what it is?

It's Sidewalk chunky heels shoes! I find this really nice and unique plus it's not too high heel, great for walking. I think I'll look good in it with long pants. *self praise* lolx~ I thought I could go for a pair of blacks but the other shade is infact in deep green. What a unique colour! Earth shades are one of my safe colours so I decided to choose brown over green.

Aside from the top and the accessories I've picked, I came across these 2 designs and felt that they match well together thus putting them side by side. Really love those fringes! But I'm kinda afraid of maintaining it though. Owning 1 is cool, too many would a problem. Instead of fringes, maybe one can go for laces or crotches as I feel that they are easier to wash and maintain. ^_^

Do you also own any Boho Chic clothings and accessories? How do you normally pair them when you wear them out? ^,^


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