Review: 1 DAY ACUVUE DEFINE with LACREON in Vivid

For past few weeks, I have been putting on contact lenses almost everyday. I have not been wearing one for about a year or so as I usually go for my glasses when I need to look far. Reason why I started wearing lenses again is because Acuvue had launched a new lens as well as a 'studio' in Singapore and I was given an opportunity to experience this new innovative concept and to try out the new lenses. ^_^

This new concept store - Eye Define Studio by ACUVUE® is infact situated inside the Specialist Eyecare Centre located at Great World City, #02-20.

Beauty Step Zero - 1 • DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE™ with LACREON® is the essential step that accentuates the natural beauty of your eyes, even before applying makeup. Beauty Step Zero helps women feel confident with eyes that shine. 1 • DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE™ with LACREON® is the next generation in daily disposable beauty enhancement lens, specially designed to enhance Asian eyes so they look bigger, well-defined and sparkling while also creating a cushion of moisture with a unique wetting agent, LACREON® for comfort and beauty for up to 20 hours.
The 1 • DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE™ with LACREON® is available in three different lens style – Accent, Natural Shine and Vivid (left to right).


Korean actress and leading Asian talent Jun Ji Hyun has been appointed to be the brand ambassador for the NEW 1 • DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE™ with LACREON® brand contact lenses, an innovative beauty lens which provides healthy and long-lasting beautiful eyes.
At the Specialist Eyecare Centre, showcased the first-in-the-world eye beauty measurement tool – the Eye Define Studio by ACUVUE®. The Eye Define Studio is a new store within a store concept offering a unique digital imaging experience for women, allowing them to discover what makes their own eyes distinct and how they can enhance their natural beauty.
The Eye Define Studio works on a two-step process. First, a high-def digital camera will capture a frontal shot of the user. In my case... here's a picture of me on the screen (oh sharks I look so... '_')

Then follow by the Eye-D Reader, a powerful high-def camera, which scans the eyes for a high-resolution digital image of the iris and allows user to view the iris pattern, eye shape, size, colour, whiteness and shine level. The Eye Define Studio then alayses these 2 images according to the parameters of the 5 unique truths of eye beauty and calculates the score of each dimension.
At the session, my optometrist analysed the results and recommended the most suitable one out of the 3 Acuvue Define with Lacreon lenses for my eyes and Viola! The screen showed my eyes wearing Vivid lenses on digitally.
Overall score for my eyes was that I have eyes that are a little smaller than average which is due to my droopy eyes (yes, I have larger eyes when I was younger...^^), iris colour is a little lighter than medium brown and white area is whiter and they are shinier than average too. Eye shape is normal, not upward or downward turn. (Just droopy at the ends lah.. ^_^")
And that's not the end yet~ The session continued with a virtual eye makeup that illuminated my eyes. Adding a darker brow, applied eyeshadow, eyeliner and finally volumnious eyelashes.. My eyes look so much bigger 'virtually' now! ^-^v~

Next there was a thorough check for my eyes. My kind optometrist and me went back and forth different rooms to get my vision checked using automatic testing with instrument and also manual testing so as to get the power as accurate as possible. She not only checked my vision but my eyes health too, by flipping over my eyelids, checked for redness and doing the slit lamp exam (I suppose this is what it's called) where strong light was shined onto my eyes and the examination was done to see if there were any staining on my cornea (abrasions on surface of the eyes). After the comprehensive eye exam, optometrist said that I have mild redness mostly due to lack of sleep (I agree.. lolx~), power is lower than before, eyes are quite shiny (more like glossy eh?) and overall my eyes are quite healthy...surprisingly! Phew~ I had been extra careful with choosing the right lenses plus learnt more about lens hygiene and storage, so I guess that paid off with a pair of healthy shiny eyes. ^,^

Below shows a chart that describes eye health from level of normal to severe.

I was then given a pair of lenses - the Natural Shine and Vivid to try on and see which suits me best.

Natural Shine closeup..

Vivid closeup...

Below shows the right side (my left) with Natural Shine len.

Below shows left side (my right) with Vivid.

And both eyes together... Seems like there's not much difference between Natural Shine and Vivid lenses, only thing is that one is more brown than the other. The printed area for Vivid is widest among the 3 lenses, diameter at 12.8mm. Natural Shine outer ring diameter is at 12.7mm.

After trying out both, I chose the Vivid and was given complimentary packs to use.
My eyes are 1.50 power, they used to be 2.75 dropped to 2.50, 2.00, 1.75 and now to 1.50... I think I'm probably developing pre-mature presbyopia... =_="
Anyhoo, on the pack states the base curve at 8.5mm, it's the same across all 3 designs. And there's also expiry date printed on the pack.

Besides trying these dailies over here in Singapore, I also brought them along for my Aussie trip and it's my first experience wearing daily lenses under a different climate. Usually I would go for my bi-weekly Acuvue clear lenses as they were really comfy and light when worn in Singapore.

Here's a shot of me wearing Vivid lenses in Aussie. My eyes may not be at its tip top condition because Aussie is reallllly dry and that caused my eyes to appear reddish most of the time (not forgetting my darn dry like grass hair too!). For info, my eyes have always been pretty sensitive. The optometrist adviced me to use solution that is for sensitive to very sensitive eyes because I told her that I always experience stinging sensation on my eyes (sometimes mild sometimes pretty bad) when comes in touch with any kind of solution or eye drop.
During my Aussie trip, I usually put on these lenses before my skincare, if not before makeup (Beauty Step Zero! ^_^) and it's often at around 6-7am. The moment the lenses grasped onto my iris, they felt really moisturising, comfortable, and I felt like there's nothing on my eyes, the same way I felt when I wore it here in Singapore. There wasn't any tight grabbing feeling on my eyes, they were breathable and light.
However there was a single thing that kept happening and it's 1 of the len (sometimes right sometimes left) would slide off down my eyes when I looked up thus I would need to keep blinking to keep the len in place. It happened everyday but not at every moment because sometimes when I looked up, both stayed in place which made me wonder why they slide downwards in the first place.. Was it because.. my eyes are too glossy? (analysed and proven by Acuvue Define Studio ok..lolx~)

Ok, here's me in the car being driven around Aussie like a tai tai.. As you can see, I looked pretty tired..(even when I do nothing.. hahax~) Everyday waking up at 6-7am just like any other workday. *yawn*
My iris appear rather big with these lenses yah? ^_^
And so I thought that there would be a significant difference between wearing lenses here and wearing them in a dry climate but nope, not much diff if I must say. Except the fact that my eyes appeared reddish most of the time when I'm in Aussie.
Everyday, I could wear the lenses from 6~7am til 8pm, straight 12 hours without feeling dry but at the 11th to 12th hour, my vision automatically became blurred and that's the time I knew that I had to remove the lenses or otherwise my eyes would feel uncomfortable because of the blurred vision.
Same experience when wearing them in SG.
Nonetheless for that many hours, my vision wasn't affected in anyway and most importantly, my eyes DID NOT TEAR. My eyes ALWAYS TEAR when I wear lenses back then but those were other types of lenses that didn't really fit my eyes, either they sting, cause abrasion on my eyes, too heavy, non-breathable or just... don't suit me at all. I am soooo glad that I didn't tear at all when wearing Vivid lenses. This is the most critical criteria I look for when purchasing lenses and 1 • DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE™ with LACREON® passed my test. ^_^

Ok, and another picture shows how shiny my eyes were with these lenses! (Oh sorry, my eyes are already that shiny without the lenses..hehex..)
Below taken with mi4 mobile phone front camera with its auto filter.. Awesome cam right?! ^,^ #flawless

A box of 1 • DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE™ with LACREON® retails for S$68

Where to buy?
Available at all ACUVUE® authorised practitioners



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