Review: Allure Hydra SLIM Body Treatment

Sometime ago I went for a body slimming treatment trial at Allure Beauty Saloon. I know that many would be thinking that I'm crazy or I totally do not need it and I'd mentioned over and over again (probably not here but somewhere in my IG, FB or twitter.. lolx~) that I have hidden 'fats' or 'meat' that I don't like showing to the world. However this time, I'm going to do it in this post... not just to show off my not-so-sexy body but to also allow all of you to get to know more about Allure's new slimming treatment. ^_^

The Allure Beauty Saloon outlet I went was at City Square Mall 3rd level. It wasn't hard to find as the outlet was pretty big and located near to the escalator.

From the outside I can see a bright and clean interior.

When I stepped in, I was like "Wow, I love that couch!". The interior design was luxe minimalistic and I felt really comfortable sitting on the couch at the main waiting area with drinks served to me by their friendly staff.

I spotted a consultation room as well as a makeup corner.

I was then ushered to the treatment room where again the walls and fixtures were all clean and white.

Oh, and not forgetting the neat bed that I wanted to lie down and fall asleep in immedialey! hahaax~

Before I talk about my experience, here's what I'm going for...

About Hydra SLIM Body Treatment
Battling post pregnancy weight, bulge from the festivities or hoping to look your very best on the biggest day of your life – your wedding day? Allure Beauty has the answer through Hydra – SLIM body treatment.
Achieve the AFTER results of a 200 sit ups session with this specialised targeted body treatment from Japan. It focuses on your area concerns and works to tone and firm up troubled spots. Using the Ultra Sonic technology, it works with a good combination of power packed ingredients to soften fats, minimize cellulite, and increase the production of collage and elastin. High concentrations of the ingredients in this treatment make the muscle work harder, help to increase metabolism and tightens the body shape.
Excellent for individuals with water retention woes too, it aids body detoxification through sweat. Now you can cheat your way to a SLIMMER you effortlessly – in comfort!

My Hydra SLIM Body Treatment Experience
Ok... Finally first time showing my hidden flesh. (//>_<//)*blush*
I have to confess a couple of things.. My upper abdomen in the centre aka epigastrium is pretty bulging (since young) and may look more bulged than my belly at times and I regard it as something to do with my lungs, ribs or diaphragm but the beauty therapist said that it's most probably because of my stomach/gastric. She assured me that after the session, I would see significant improvement on that area. Secondly, I had been working out a little plus I watched my diet hence my waist wasn't as wide as compared to about 3~4 months ago. However I was still quite concern with my waistline (not perfect still!^o^") and therefore decided to give this slimming treatment a try.
Note: Pls forgive that I had to 'heart' my belly button ♥, I don't like showing it off... ^,^"
Measurements were taken before the treatment. My beauty therapist did some markings on my belly so that the measurements would be taken at the same place again after the treatment.
Upper abdomen 75cm (9cm above belly button/waist)
Waist 75.5cm (around belly button)
Lower abdomen / belly 82cm (4.5cm below belly button)

Introducing MT Ultrasonic wave system from Japan which is one of the main thing that is used to assist in eliminating fat cells, trimming away my waistline as well as firming it up! These concentrated waves could disperse the water into very tiny fine mist and I could almost see it evaporating into the air.

First off.. my abdomen.. It looks better when I lay down yes? hahax.. And see the black lines there? Yes those are pen marks for measurement purpose... ^_^

Therapist began applying a gel all over my abdomen that works hand in hand with the ultrasonic system.
And the session started first by working around my front abdomen area - upper, centre and bottom.

Then I was asked to lay on my sides where therapist would work on the sides of my waist aka flanks and also some fleshy parts of my back. First row in the following picture shows after my right flank (your left) had been worked on.
Subsequently, my left flank was done (see 2nd row) where my ribs also started to show up (emerged from the pool of fats lolx~).
After that a massage was done on my front abdomen area again but this time without the equipment. I was asked to hold my breath and flex my tummy muscles at some stages where therapist would apply more force to massage the area. As I had a light dinner prior to the session so she would ask me if I was alright everytime before she pressed harder. I actually had a great time chit chatting with her while she's using her whole body muscles trying to remove my fat cells. haahax.. (I'm so bad~ =p But really, she's so fun to talk to!)
Lastly, a tummy wrap was done to firm my abdomen and moisturise my skin.

After removing the wrap and cleaning off, below shows the results.
Upper abdomen 75cm  → 71cm
Waist 75.5cm → 73.5cm
Lower abdomen / belly 82cm → 79cm
If you asked me whether I felt anything, I wouldn't say that I immediately felt lighter. Actually I couldn't feel the difference. Results could only be seen and not felt so when the therapist measured my waist (moreover reminded me not to tuck in but to relax my tummy), I was pretty awed by the measurements taken. My upper abdomen wasn't buldging after the treatment therefore I was also kind of less irritated when I looked down at my tummy (lolx)... When viewing my body in the mirror, I did noticed that my muscles showed up more obvious and skin didn't look as saggy after the treatment.
Overall, the session was a nice one and the therapist was really welcoming and awesome to chat with.

Aside from taking a body slimming treatment, any one who wants to slim down should watch the diet too.
I suggest one who just started the slimming process to take a step at a time. Why I say so is because I personally know how hard it is to get motivated to go on diet, how hard to maintain it and even harder to resist those yummy food. While doing the Allure Hydra SLIM Body Treatment, you can also slowly reduce the intake of carbohydrates (such as rice, bread), sugar (such as gasy drinks, food/drinks with sugar),  oil/fats (such as fried food, fatty meat, butter), snacks (you know what snacks are! ^,^) a little at a time. And in replace, you can try snacking on fruits instead. Then subsequently, increase your protein intake (eggs, lean meat with minimal fats if possible), fibre (veg, veg, veg) and finally plenty of water!
Just remember, you are what you eat. ^_~

About ALLURE Beauty Salon
Established in April 2002, Allure Beauty Saloon has been leading the market for the past 13 years and counting. With three outlets, namely West Mall @ Bukit Batok, City Square Mall @ Farrer Park and a new outlet coming soon in the East, Allure Beauty is a complete one stop beauty boutique for all your beauty needs from head to toe; the beauty experts make sure all you are always well and professional taken of.
Their philosophy has always been to enhance their customers’ physical looks and bring out the natural beauty and confidence in them. At Allure, they believe in using their expertise to deliver the best services and product knowledge to their customers.

Hydra – SLIM Body Treatment: S$380 per session for 60 mins, 1st trial is priced at S$88

ALLURE BEAUTY SALOON is located conveniently for your beauty fixes at:

West Mall (next to Bukit Batok MRT Station), #04 – 10/11.
Contact: 6898 2242.

City Square Mall (next to Farrer Park MRT Station), #03 – 29/30
Contact: 6509 8859


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