Herschel Backpacks at Zalora

Today I'm going to introduce Herschel women's backpacks. ^_^
This is also my first time talking about the brand as well as first time browsing through their items at Zalora.
Herschel has their own page at Zalora just like any other fashion brands and they provide both women and men bags.

Not forgetting to mention, they carries wallets, pouches and cardholders in various designs as well.

In their backpack category, there are a couple designs that caught my eyes. Survey backpack is one of them which is pretty popular among youngsters as well as guys. I'd been seeing quite many of them carrying this on the streets nowadays. Aside from that, I also like Heritage Mid-Volume Backpack and Parker backpack.

Main reason I like this is because of none other than the prints - houndstooth. ^,^

The design of the backpack looks great too as it seems pretty spacious when opened. The material looks thick and solid which makes the bag look pretty sturdy and not flat. This is probably one good reason to pick Herschel backpacks because they don't look flimsy unlike other backpacks at all. If you'd noticed, the backpacks that many are carrying on the streets now appear volume and thick, it looks nice on the user when it's like that. Backpack has made a fashion comeback and is now a fashion statement so do remember to pick a good looking one to match your outfit! ^_^

Last item that caught my eyes is this Oxford 3M Pouch. Why so? Because 3M! Lolx~

Call me a mountain tortoise but I find this really cute. The way Herschel incorporated 3M material as their pouch inner lining! So cool!~ On the other side, I noticed that the exterior is made of leather which makes the whole pouch looking tough yet pretty.

Do you have any favourite Herschel bag among those shown on Zalora? ^_^


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