EVENT: ORBIS @ Westgate Grand Opening

Have you went to Westgate recently and spotted the new ORBIS outlet there? I was there and there were some fun activities and promotion going on at their Grand Opening! ^_^
ORBIS Westgate

The ORBIS @ outet Westgate is really spacious!
ORBIS Westgate

This was the Westgate outlet only promotion~
ORBIS CNY Specials

The most wonderful promo has gotta be this Collagen set for just $88. 
ORBIS, Collagen

I got a set of Petite Shake for my friend since nowadays quite a number of my friends are trying to find ways to slim down and I took the chance to intro them the yummy Petit Shake! ^,^ORBIS Petite Shake Promotion

On that day there were complimentary Orange Petit Shake for everyone. Yummmmy~ I always love how Japanese make yummy sweets & desserts. Petit shakes are meal replacements but I often treat them as snack or dessert. Hhehe =p~ Ok now I'm debating if I should buy another Orange Petit Shake... hmm...
ORBIS Orange Petite Shake

On shelves are promo sets~
ORBIS Promotion

and more promo sets~ ^_^

What's New @ ORBIS?
There are several newly launched products from ORBIS and that include this Mate Tea. It's both a diet and beauty tea.
ORBIS, Mate Tea

These relatively new smoothies do not require milk (just water) to make unlike its counterpart Petit Shake. These are created for those who want to slim down too but are lactose intolerant.
ORBIS Smoothies

All collagen consumable products are displayed in this shelf.
The Collagen powder is also one of the new products but in comparison, the powder contains lesser collagen than the bottled drink. Though it's lesser but it can be added into food, drinks or desserts since it's in powder form therefore making it more vesatile than the bottled drink.

Other ORBIS consumable diet products.

Petite bar sweet apple, a meal replacement in a low-calorie snack bar form.

After seeing that there's diet cookies too, I'm intrigued to try them out! I usually like eating cookies or biscuits as my breakfast (yes I know they are not nutritious enough for a breakfast but...I just love eating it! ^,^").

One of the cosmetic products launched quite recently is the Cleansing Gel, good for removing makeup that are light. For those who put on slightly thicker makeup especially point makeup should go for their best selling cleansing liquid instead.
ORBIS Oil Cut Cleansing Gel

Another product is CC Moist Base SPF28 PA+++, gives natural coverage for a natural even look.
ORBIS CC Moist Base

Last but not least their relatively new makeup item is the Perfect Concealer which could be used as both the undereye concealer and spot concealer.
ORBIS Perfect Concealer

There are also some body bath and haircare products as well.

ORBIS Skincare range varies from hydrating care to anti-aging..

..to a combination of both.

Complimentary from ORBIS
Thank you ORBIS for providing me with the products for me to try! ^_^ Now I can't wait to eat that Soy Cookie, Collagen and Rose & Apple Petit Shake! ^,^
- Soy Cookies
- Collagen Jellys
- AquaForce Travel Set (I love travel sets! So going to bring it to my soon to come Aussie trip!)
- Mate Tea
- Petit Shake in Rose & Apple
- Petit Shake in Nutty Chocolate
- Cleansing Liquid satchets
- Orbis =U Moist Up Lotion satchets
ORBIS Petite Shake

Do check out ORBIS store and ask for assistance should you have any queries. They have really helpful staff with good knowledge of skin and skincare! ^_~

Westgate Mall #02-16
3 Gateway Drive Singapore 608532 (Next to Jurong East MRT station)



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