Zalora x ALDO

It's been sometime since I'd shopped at ALDO. I got a little curious when I heard I could get ALDO from Zalora too so I went in to take a look at their items.
Upon doing a search in Zalora, ALDO page appeared together with their items such as shoes, accessories and bags. They also have the Sale category included too!

Under their main page are some of the items listed on random, like bags, watches and shoes for both men and women.

Since I had bought ALDO heels before and quite liked it, I thought perhaps I could check out their shoes section. And the first category I clicked was? None other than the BOOTS. Heh Heh. ^_^

One immediately caught my eyes, the Serinna Boots. This pair had a very shiny glossy leathery finish which  I reaaaaallly adore! Totally reminded me of the days I used to wear black glossy leather Jrock cosplay costumes. I'm very very tempted by this pair, moreover it only left with size 39! Omg omg, should I get it!? (>_<)~

I continued to look around in the other categories and this pair of sneakers caught my eyes too! Guess what? Shiny leather again. Lolx~ The gold tubes on the shoe laces combined with snake skin pattern and leather... a killer! Howeverrrr, I think god had decided that I could only get one pair of shoes because this ain't come in size 39... (u_u") But it do come in other sizes!

Next, I browsed the bags section.

Spotted this Smoldt Handbag and was drawn to it. I wondered why the sudden love for all black and matte x glossy stuffs? hahhax... I think I'm kinda starting to turn back to a little bit dark/goth nowadays?

In ALDO accessories section, I saw something really cute and fun!

THIS pair of shades! It's called the Gweillan Sunglasses which had about 3/10 of the round glass covered by the frame, which is cool~~

What I loved more was the inside of the sunglasses. Awesomely cool.
While as much as I love buying things online, I'll normally follow a few 'golden rules' of mine so as to prevent disappointment. One of the rules is not to purchase glasses/sunglasses because my face, ears, nose are not symmetrical. I know everyone else's aren't too but for me, I always have a very , very hard time trying to find a pair of fitting glasses so there'll be risks if I buy it from online since I can't try them before purchasing.
However with Zalora, one can buy and send it back if it doesn't fit! So this has basically solved my issue of buying glasses online. ^_~

Did you shop at Zalora lately? I saw many items on sale now and I'm definitely gonna consider that pair of leather boots since it's left with 1 size and is on half price! How about you? ^,^


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