Sailor Moon Inspired 3D Nail Art By CinCity Nails

Moon Healing Escalation!!! *insert Sailor Moon song*

That's really funny if I were to shout it out loud holding the Moonstick. lolx~
Anyhoo, today I'm not really showing off my Moonstick but more of my nails... ok ok I am showing it off together with all my other Sailor Moon stuffs! hehehex~
This is the first time ever I have my nails painted so nicely with acrylic and gel polish! Read on to find out more of how and where I had my Sailor Moon inspired 3D nails done!
Before that, I must say.. don't mind my "undernail dark circles". Can never get ride of them just like my undereye dark circles. (U_U")

Where I got the idea of doing such nails you may wonder... The answer is actually at Vanitee. I was invited to pick one of the services provided in Vanitee and while I was browsing around something caught my eyes immediately.

And that is.... THIS!!! Sailor Moon 3D nail art! I waited no further and contacted Cindy from CinCity Nails to book her for her service. ^,^ I am thinking of no other but just Sailor Moon. I'm a big fan ever since 20 years ago and now I'm still chasing after the new version of Sailor Moon anime (Sailor Moon Crystal), have you all watched it too? ^_^
In order to book the respective professional for their services, you must first sign up with Vanitee and add a debit or credit card into your account. Choose the professional services and add them into cart and choose your preferred time slot. Once done, both the professional and yourself will receive an email notification. After which his/her number and address would appear in their profile which you can then contact them.

Alrighty, back to the nails...
Cindy did not just make 1 set of Sailor Moon inspired nail art, but a few sets! This one shown below was one of my favourite. Instead of having the character faces painted on my nails, I chose to have Sailor Moon crescent, the moon stick, bow and compact design as I adore these little accessories and add-ons much more. ^^ Am a sucker for cute little pretty things especially those that came out from Sailor Moon.

On the day of my appointment with Cindy, I arrived at CinCity Nails place.... Clean, neat, simple and relaxing room.

Certificates acquired by Cindy! ^_^

The area where I got my nails done~ I can even watch shows (TV on the wall above the chair) while getting the mani.

An array of colours.

Awesome display of her nail polishes! Majority shows Angel Pro Gelly Polish.

Close-up of some of the Angel Pro Gelly Polishes.

There are also China Glaze, Lechat & Lily Angel polishes.

Loving those metallics!

A couple of Chinese New Year nail art done by Cindy were displayed too.

And spot those gold ribbons.. they're mine! ^_^ See how cute they are~

A wide range of nail charms for customers to choose.

Coloured acrylic powder... that's quite alot of colours. *_*

As my hands were busy being pampered, I couldn't take much pics to show how the process went for my 3D nail art.

Anyhoo, this was the base for my left & right fingernails. I didn't want any extension since there weren't any upcoming events and I thought the 3D nails would already be obvious enough so I skipped the extensions.
All nail polishes used on my nails were from Angel Pro combined with other acrylic powder.

After about 3.5 hours (there were some chit chatting in between and stuffs, as well as me not decisive enough in choosing the colours and the design of the nail art thus it took a little bit longer), my nails were finally done!
There were a few teaser pics which I posted in Instagram and I'm posting it here too...

Photos taken by my mobile seem quite overexposed. ^_^"

Hmmahhhh~ These pics look better. Photos taken by my camera. ^_^
*Note: These pics were taken 3 days later and the nails still looked great!

How lovely can these be?!

Sailor moon nails with sailor moon pen.

From side view, you can see that all nail arts were rised from my nails. That's because of the acrylic used, they appeared 3D.

My most loved gold acrylic 3D ribbons on my left and right thumbs along with close-up pics of the remaining nails. Note that those hexagon shapes are not unfilled holes.. they are transparent halo flakes.

So what do you think about my first ever Sailor Moon Inspired 3D Nail Art? ^_^
I was wondering if I should venture into drawing different nail art designs that I could get Cindy to draw it for me on my nails.. (I can draw but I'm not really that good at making them into a real life thing. ^,^")

Sailor Moon Inspired 3D Nail Art S$120

CinCity Nails @ Vanitee

The manicure is partially sponsored by Vanitee & CinCity Nails.


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