Launch: Cyber Colors x Fifi Lapin Limited Collection

In January this year, Cyber Colors collaborated with London-based renowned graphic artist Fifi Lapin and launched a limited collection of their best seller products:
- Gentlle Eye Make-up Remover
- Purifying Cleansing Oil (in Grapefruit / Rose & Chamomile)
- Eye Cosemtic Set (includes Pencil Case, Gel Liner & Mascara)

About Fifi Lapin
Fifi Lapin is based in London, one of the trendiest scenes in the world. She is a famous graphic artist, fashionista, fashion commentator who loves fashion and wears Chanel, Fendi, Miu Miu and Tom Ford. Fifi is so chich and charming that she is known as The World's Most Stylish Bunny ('Lapin' being the French for 'Bunny'). Fifi Lapin not only writes a blog and books on fashion, but has also set up an online store selling her own fashion label. Fifi Lapin has collaborated with famous fashion houses like Dior, Anna Sui and Juicy Couture. This New Year, she works with Cyber Colors and launches Cyber Colors x Fifi Lapin Limited Collection, as her first exciting venture into fusing fashion elements with the make-up world.

Cyber Colors x Fifi Lapin Limited Collection
Left: Cyber Colors x Fifi Lapin Purifying Cleansing Oil - Grapefruit
Right: Cyber Colors x Fifi Lapin Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

Purifying Cleansing Oil - Grapefruit 450ml
Bright orange bottle features Fifi Lapin in a red lips patterned flare dress. Lightweight cleansing oil melts away even waterproof make-up and clears pores, and at the same time it hydrates, brightens and smoothes out fine lines, leaving skin perfectly clear and supple. 
Application: Put 3-4 pumps of cleansing oil onto dry hands and smooth over dry face; massage with fingertips in circular motion. Wet hands and emulsify the cleansing oil, massage to help dissolve impurities and make-up. Rinse with water.

Gentle Eye Makeup Remover 250ml
Wearing a fetching eye patterned one-piece dress, Fifi looks exceptionally cool on this best-seller, a not-to-be missed collectable for New Year. Gentle Eye Make-up Remover gently melts away eye make-up in seconds, including water-proof eyeliner and mascara, without causing irritation. Also conditions skin around the eye area.
Application: Shake well before use. Sweep over eyes with cooton pad to gently melt away make-up. To remove mascara, pat the cotton pad onto eye area for a while before sweeping. Repeat if necessary.

Rose & Chamomile Cleansing Oil 450ml
How about gaining inspiration from Fifi Lapin in the red lipstick patterned layered dress on this soft pink bottle? Rose and Chamomile gently yet effectively clean dirt and make-up while adding moisture; the skin is hydrated and refreshed.
Application: refer to Purifying Cleansing Oil

Super Stay Eye Cosmetic Set
- Fifi x Lapin Cosmetic Pencil Case
Open your eyes with this gorgeous eye make-up set, letting you shine at the party all night long! The set includes Super Stay Gel Liner, ExVolume Waterproof Mascara and the exclusivee Fifi Lapin Cosmetic Pencil Case; easy to carry along for stunning, long-wear eye make-up.

- Super Stay Gel Liner
Formulated with Ultimate-stay complex, clinically proven to be sweat-proof, sebum-proof and waterproof for 24 hours. Vibrant, long-lasting colors frame you eyes immediately. The ultra-fine 4mm tip guides smoothly and creates an extremely precise outer eyeline, creating a dramatic eye-opening effect.

- Extra Volume Waterproof Mascara 
Dual-length bouncing bristles let waterproof mascara coat each individual lash completely from root to tip, matching perfectly with different eye shapes. Super volumnizing and lengthening formula creates dramatic eyes that attract attention.

Here shows the main ingredients for Purifying Cleansing Oil - Grapefruit.

And below shows the ingredients for Gentle Eye Makeup Remover.

My thoughts on Purifying Cleansing Oil
You might had seen this edition of Cyber Colors Purifying Cleansing Oil sometime ago... I just wanted to show this as I am currently still using it and it isn't my first time using the purifying cleansing oil. All I could say is that for such a big bottle, it's worth the price because this cleansing oil does wonders for me.
I never get clogged pores using it and my makeup, impurities, sebum, grease whatsoever are all cleansed off by it. Also, my face don't feel oily or dehydrated after using and rinsing it off.
I am happy to have received the same cleansing oil (I prefer the purifying version due to my skin type), one bottle should be able to last me 2 months or so! ^,^

Cyber Colors x Fifi Lapin Purifying Cleansing Oil - Grapefruit S$49.90
Cyber Colors x Fifi Lapin Rose & Chamomile Cleansing Oil S$49.90
Cyber Colors x Fifi Lapin Gentle Eye Makeup Remover S$29.90
Cyber Colors x Fifi Lapin Super Stay Eye Cosmetic Set S$33.90

Gift with Purchase
Free Cyber Colors x Fifi Lapin Limited Edition Cosmetic Bag worth $29.90 (left) will also be given to customers who spend a minimum S$50 Cyber Colors product purchase. While stocks last.
Free Cyber Colors x Fifi Lapin Limited Edition Tote Bag worth $39.90 (right) with minimum S$80 Cyber Colors product purchase. While stocks last.

I'm glad that SaSa gifted me with the Tote Bag as I really think it's awesomely cute to carry around~ (The strong colours and cute drawings!) I already have several large tote bags tat I often use, adding one more is makes it better! ^,^

Available exclusively at all SaSa stores (except Jcube)

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