Event: My St Valentine's Xperience @ Sofitel So Singapore

Happy February everyone! 
Time flies~ Before I knew it, Valentine's Day is almost here!
Talking about Valentine's day, I just experienced a romantic (not with my man though.. hehex~) Valentine French cuisine at Xperience Restaurant @ Sofitel So Singapore.

Sofitel So Singapore is located at the heart of Singapore CBD, near Raffles Place as well as walkable distance from Tanjong Pagar.

Xperience Restaurant is just beside the lobby area, noticeable by anyone who walks in from the entrance.

Since I was the first person to arrive, I decided to take a couple (or more) photos of the restaurant. It's setting is nice and cosy despite area is not very spacious to my personal opinion.

This refrigerated wine cabinet is used to separate the main entrance from the dining area. At first I didn't notice that there was a wine cabinet here until I turned around from my seat. Pretty awesome to look at.

The kitchen area looked clean and neat!

Further in, I spotted LED light couches!

I was wowed by the gorgeous couches... They looked really comfy...

And now I'm back at my dining area, a long table filled with roses!

I could almost feel the love in the air! (again, even though my man wasn't with me that time.. hahax~)

After settling myself down, i waited for my drink to come.

Oh-So Romantic Valentine's Dinner
The Valentine dinner menu had been carefully thought and designed by the young, vibrant and dynamic Sofitel So's resident chef, Ms. Anne-Cecile Degenne.

Before the dinner commenced, I had a taste of the champagne. For info, I am a person who almost totally don't touch alcohol at all. But this! This really match up to my taste. But of course, I understand that this can't be compare with any other champagne that can be easily bought from elsewhere. I found myself sipping a few more times from the glass instead of the usual once, it didn't make me dizzy or red face since I didn't consume much.
The taste was rather sweet and left a pretty fresh aftertaste in my mouth too which was why the reason I liked it. ^,^

Besides the champagne, we were presented a basket of bread too. Oh, I must say I really love eating bread. How I wished I could finish them all but I refrained from the urge and just took a few small bites out of one slice.

With the bread was the cold smooth butter as well as what looked like olive oil. The bottle is so cute! 

Amuse-bouche, a "mouth amuser" came out as the first course. When accompanied by the complementing champagne, the taste was really great.
Even though I'm not an oyster lover, that didn't stopped me from taking this dish.

This cold dish was something I loved. I liked the mix of fresh crab meat, ginger sorbet and what looked like pomelo. It was exceptionally nice when I placed a little of everything on the spoon and took it in one bite. I had not tasted ginger sorbet before and all I could say is, it's really yummy! Who could have thought ginger sorbet taste so good?

When the grilled beef tenderloin was served, we went, "Yeah! Warm food!" Lolx..
The salsifies and asparagus were soft and a tad crunchy which makes it nice to bite on. Truffle sauce was very flavourful especially when I had it with the beef.

I reckoned that the tenderloin was rare or medium rare as it was really really tender and easy to chew and swallow. I finished it in no time!

Next up was the Sharing Dessert. Why the name sharing? It's easy to guess, because couples need to share.
It's not just about giving your love nice gifts but it's also about sharing and doing everything together to build a happier, stronger relationship. 

As I'm rather picky when comes to chocolate, I chose to have only the chocolate crust and mousse but I could still taste the sourish raspberry fillings. It was really nice to be able to share this dessert with the rest and we had a fun time breaking the crust so I believed it would be even more fun to do it with a partner. ^_^

Before the course ended, all ladies were pampered with pralines to make the season extra special.

I thank Sofitel So Singapore for giving me such an awesome experience at Xperience! 

Oh-So Romantic Valentine's at Xperience Restaurant
13 Feb: 3-course Dinner at S$128++ per person, with welcome cocktil and wine pairing
14 Feb: 5-course Dinner at S$188++ per person, with welcome cocktail and a bottle of Ruinart Rosé Champagne per couple

If you go for the A Parisan Affair to enjoy a 1N stay at Sofitel So Singapore, the Oh-So Romantic Valentine's dinner will be included in the package.
 For bookings and enquiries, contact +65 6701 6800 or H8655@sofitel.com, or www.sofitel.com/8655 for more information.

Besides the above 2 packages, there is also a So in Love Valentine's Special at So SPA by Sofitel (Sentosa).
For reservations, contact +65 6371 1288 or H9474-TH4@accor.com.

35 Robinson Road Singapore 068876 (Drop off Point - Boon Tat Link)


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