Review & Promo: My Seasonal Climate Facial Series @ My Cozy Room Boutique Spa

I guess some of you might had read or seen my post on my bro's wedding which I had spent the very last few weeks busy preparing myself & my parents ready for da big day. Preparing by means of buying new clothes, shoes, bags (or rather MY bag.. lolx), doing up our hair, nails and last but not least, going for facials so that we would look our best on that day (don't want to lose out to the bride & groom! kekekx~ =p).

And so I went ahead to book my appointment with My Cozy Room Spa. I had experienced once with them during the belif event and it was great which led me thinking of going back again to try out their My Seasonal Climate Facial Series.

Here I am, at My Cozy Room Boutique Spa. ^_^ (Omy this jacket make me look fat.. <_<)

About My Seasonal Climate Facial Series
Just like nature, our skin changes with the rhythms of the climate and weather. In order to offer the skin all the essential elements it needs to perform at its peak, My Cozy Room introduces 4 Seasonal themed Facials (Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter) customised to suit your skin at all times of the year. Inspired by the riches of nature, each collection of seasonal skincare combines a cocktail of original active ingredients to create a perfect environment in tune with nature. 

1. My Floral Spring Stemcell Facial
Suitable for: Dry, dehydrated and tired skin
Welcome Spring with a moisturising treatment formulated with Alpine rose stemcells to repair tired-looking complexion. The blossoming freshness awakens the skin from its winter sleep as  pomegranate extracts rich in antioxidants work hand in hand with hyaluronic acid to bind moisture and brighten skin, creating a moisture reservoir for a long-lasting effect on skin’s flora.
Highlight of the facial: Relaxing Rose Quartz Face and Eye Massage 

2. My Sunkissed Summer Stemcell Facial
Suitable for: Combination, oily skin
Shield your skin in summer months with a Sunkissed Summer Stemcell Facial before ending it off with a refreshing crystal eye massage to relieve the heat. Excess sebum is removed and oily shine is controlled to achieve a matte look. Enlarged pores are deeply clarified and refined with extracts of lentil, magnolia and sebucon to inhibit sebum flow, inflammation and redness with an astringent effect, leaving the skin visibly balanced and full of radiance.
Highlight of the facial: High Frequency is used as antiseptic and minimise pores after the extraction. 

3. My Energising Autumn Stemcell Facial
Suitable for: Damaged, dull skin
Cozy autumn calls for a bountiful Energising Autumn Stemcell Facial with powerful energy to moisturise skin in deep effects and prepare for the upcoming cold weather while repairing the after-effects of sun damages in summer. Enveloped by a layer of the skin’s own ceramides, pure oxygen is transported into the deeper regions of skin with an oxygen spray, stimulating a fall rush on the skin as cell renewal & energy balance are boosted for a rosy & fresh complexion.
Highlight of the facial: Revitalizing Oxygen Nano Spray 

4. My Crystal Winter Stemcell Facial
Suitable for: Sensitive skin
Strengthen skin against winter stress with a Crystal Winter Stemcell Facial. This calming facial works to pamper and stimulate lackluster sensitive skin. Common reed extracts reinforces the skin’s own defense mechanism while squalane regenerates the skin’s natural lipid barrier. Crystal balls create a tingly sensation while effectively reducing redness, leaving the skin feeling hydrated and nourished, helping it to combat the effects of environmental aggressors like wind and cold.
Highlight of the facial: Soothing Crystal Ball Massage

My Floral Spring Stemcell Facial
At the beginning of the facial, the therapist did the following..
Step 1: Remove Eye & Lip Make-up
Step 2: Skin Analysis
The therapist mentioned that my skin was dry and at the same time produced quite alot of sebum due to the dehydrated skin surface. My pores were congested  too which made the pores look huge. I told her that I understood all these problems since it had always been like this on and off since many years ago and then she asked the following question that awed me. She asked if I had done any laser treatments. I told her I had done it in year 2013 to beginning of 2014 but I didn't know she would know just by looking at my skin. It's said that if one does laser, the amount of facial hair (mine is already almost invisible to begin with) would be lesser and skin surface would still remain smooth to touch despite that it look rough... which I totally agree for both points! The session had just begun and the therapist had totally won my heart ^_^.

Below shows a few close-up pics of my skin BEFORE the facial but with the makeup removed.

A big zit there around my mouth area! Ohh my I really hated that one, it was really painful when I touched it. U_U"

Whenever the therapist wanted to perform the next step of the facial, she would inform me of the product/s she's going to apply on my face and explained the purpose of using them... even when I was already asleep and probably snoring.. lolx~

Anyhoo, let's get on with the next step! ^_^
Step 3: Bi-Phase Deep Cleansing massage using BABOR 100-year patented cleansing oil ~ HyOL
Step 4: Bi-Phase Deep Cleansing using BABOR Phytoactive ~ Luxury Plant treatment essence
Step 5: Intensive Peeling using plant enzyme mask made from Papaya & Pineapple enzyme

*Unlike most places using scrub with harsh granules, we use Enzyme, a biological facial peel, that is intensive yet gentle on the skin. Does not cause mechanical irritations.
* It’s able to soften blackheads more effectively, push out impurities from inside.Suitable for sensitive/ blemished skin.

Step 6: Exfoliation of dead skin
Step 7: Steaming of face
Step 8: Perform Extraction for removal of blemishes

Below shows my skin AFTER performing the above mentioned 7 steps plus the extraction. These pics may look pretty gross or a little "bloody" for some of you but infact, I didn't feel any pain at all during the extraction. I liked the way the therapist did extraction for me, no pain on all areas except a little sore around nose which is usually common for me. I could even dozed off half way through extraction. (<_<")*sweats*

Next, steps for the rest of the facial are...
Step 9: Apply BABOR Rose Water (made from Bulgarian Black Rose)
Step 10: Eyebrow Shaping
For step 10, I skipped because I already had mine shaped prior to this facial.

Step 11: Eye Massage using Rose Quartz Crystals
Eye massage with the quartz crystals would had been my most happy time because it was so so soooo cooling! A little bit on the icy cold but it was really soothing~ I almost wished it could continue like for an hour.. hahahx.. ^o^"

Step 12: Anti-aging Facial Massage using customised BABOR moisturiser
*unlike most places, using massage cream which may clog the pores, My Cozy Room uses Moisturiser where the nutrients can be absorbed during the massage.
Step 13: Facial Treatment mask ~ Rose Mask *with real rose petals for ultra hydrating

My skin AFTER treatment mask.

All congested area cleared & flattened! Leaving just my old scars behind...

Old scars again... there wasn't any redness to be found from the extraction.

Last but not least, the session ends with an upper back & shoulder massage, and not forgetting the head too.
Step 14: Anti-stress Shoulder Massage
Step 15: Finishing with Toner, Moisturiser & Sunblock
I had to leave with a little sunblock because I'm skeptical of leaving house without one. Lucky that My Cozy Room also provide sunblock to their customers! ^_^

During the facial, I was introduced the BABOR Ampoule (Intense Balancing) which was optional to purchase but I went ahead anyways because I trust the therapist. (^,^) And indeed, I had found my skin benefited from the ampoule, in a way that my skin became balanced in hydration-sebum level, appeared clearer for a number of weeks and it had also helped built a stronger, resilient skin.
The Intense Balancing ampoule is best for Oily / Acne-Prone Skin. Babor Intense Balancing Fluid features a concentrated blend of restorative ingredients that balances skin's pH level and normalizes sebum production to prevent breakouts and minimize pores. Use Babor Intense Balancing Fluid for even, clear skin as needed, or once daily for seven consecutive days for an intensive treatment.
Features / Benefits:
• Maintains a shine-free complexion
• Minimizes pores
• Evens skin tone
• Normalizes skin's pH
• Refreshes

About BABOR Products
BABOR is the World’s Inventor & largest manufacturer for Ampoules, thus BABOR ampoules are of unparalleled quality. BABOR ampoules are taken up by the skin 8 times faster than a moisturiser. Manufactured by high-end liposome technology, the molecules of plant-based ingredients are 8,000 times finer!

Dedicated to only using the highest quality products in our treatments, coupled with devotion to create a holistic spa experience to delight customers’ senses is the heart of My Cozy Room’s philosophy. We are proud to partner award-winning BABOR Skincare, Germany’s No. 1 professional skincare range.
BABOR Skincare is is adopted by leading spas & beauty institutes in over 70 countries and are used in servicing clients of 1st class travellers of Air Emirates, Lufthansa Airlines, Ritz Carlton Hotels, Four Season Hotels worldwide.

My Seasonal Climate Facial Series $49 (U.P.: $188)
Choose from 4 different seasonal themes, customised to suit your skin
- Valid till on Monday to Friday from 11am to 5pm only til 31 march 2015
- Valid for 1st time customers of My Cozy Room Boutique Spa
- Must Quote “Seasonal Climate Facial Series from blog: Instagram: miwitch

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Disclaimer: My Seasonal Climate Facial Series treatment is sponsored. BABOR Ampoule (Intense Balancing) is bought by me


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