The Zalora Pop-Up Store @ ION Orchard

Hey everyone! Have you been doing your last minute X'mas shopping lately? If you are looking at shopping around town area and have no other ideas what to get, try the Zalora Store @ ION Orchard then! ^_^

I had not been visiting ION for quite sometime and didn't even realised there was a Zalora Pop-up store in there! This has got to be the first digital store come to live! Just look at the display... Don't you agree that this is a totally different experience? Previously everything was just jpeg pictures and now....? All turned real infront of my eyes. 

Not forgetting the Men's section too!

Now you got fitting room too to try out your 'digital' clothes... lolx~ 

Get online and purchase the items yourself! Fast and easy, no cashier involved. How great is this? ^_~

Some of the clothings caught my eyes...

Cute bags~

Loving these pink cute bags!

Pugggggs! Sho cute! Definitely one of +everblue c  favourite. Keke~

And this pair of wedges is reallllyy pretty.. i must say, most of Zalora house brand items are of pretty good quality and workmanship (I own a few myself too!). If you are looking at buying a low to mid priced items, do consider Zalora brand! ^_^

So remember to drop by Zalora store before end of Jan 2015! Shop for your Chinese New Year clothings there too while it's still open! ^,~v

Zalora Pop-Up Store @ ION B2-04/05
10am - 10pm daily


Disclaimer: This is an advertorial post


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