Event & Promo: My First Digital Perm @ Queen Kelly Hair Salon

Yes, it is my first hair perm.. Not a DIY kinda perm but really a permanent perm! ^,^
You might have seen this photo I posted on my Instagram... And in this blog post, I'm going to talk more of my experience at Queen Kelly Hair Salon as well as posting more photos for all of you to see. ^_^

Here's Queen Kelly Hair Salon @ Holland Drive. They have another outlet at Fajar Road too and that's their first outlet. This one I went is their 2nd one. 

Queen Kelly interior...

This is their consultation room where they do scalp analysis. 

On their desk of the consultation room placed several products which Queen Kelly offers to their customers.

They also have 2nd level! I thought that 2nd level are mostly storerooms... But they turned them into a relaxing hair spa room. Room is actually pretty dark when curtains are drawn and it has a cosy ambience due to the sound of soft waves playing in the background.

At every mirror sticked a note to remind their customers that Queen Kelly offers free scalp scanning service. Pretty noticeable once I sat down on my chair. 

OK, before I begin, I shall show you my before selfie... 
Bangs, straight hair that feels a little stiff and pretty dry due to constant bleaching at the hair ends. However my hair is pretty volumnising at bottom part of my hair (from ear down). Before curling, I was hoping to have the upper part to be curled a little so it will look volumnised too just like the bottom.. Not sure if this is do-able.. ^_^" (has no knowledge abt digital perm!)

First, the hairstylist brought 2 curling agents to show me. It was Shiseido Professional Step 1 Creator Qurl lotion and Step 2 Neutralizing Lotion. Step 1 was to apply on all of my hair to allow the hair strands to turn soft and hydrated so that it could withstand the heat during the perm process. And Step 2 was to none other than keeping those curls and making them last long.

Start of the hair perm process. First by trimming away my frizzy hair ends and snip off the bleached area.

After which hair was applied with the Creator Qurl Lotion.

Including applying onto fringe and top area.

Awaiting for the lotion to work its magic. It took about 20 mins for my hair to turn soft & tender enough to proceed to the next step.

For the next step, the lotion was washed off and then the perming started. Hair were rolled up and tied with bands, the rollers were plugged to connect to the perming equipment.

This is how the digital perm machine look like.

With the protective layers, the heat didn't hurt my scalp thus I didn't felt that it's hot or anything. Just a little warm. No burnt smell or whatsoever too. Oh, and my bangs weren't curled.. I wonder was it because it's too short? (o_O)

Rollers rollers and more rollers~

Once the heating process ended, the digital rollers were replaced by the plastic ones and the hairstylist soaked my hair with Creator Qurl 2 Neutrilizing Lotion. Then we waited again....
By the way there was this interesting 'cup' around my neck to hold the dripping lotion from my hair... Spot the grey 'cups' on my shoulders. ^_^

Once done, hair was washed again and finally the perming process ended. What's next was to see the result after blow drying!


TADAH!!!~ Omy hair was so super curly!.. Actually my hair was applied with styling products too thus the curls stayed for the rest of the day.

When I got back home, I washed my hair again with my usual shampoo and applied volumnising hair conditioner. Hair ends look alittle messy in the below picture which I took the next day because I didn't use any hair styling products. I only use fingers to curl them inwards and blow dried them with medium heat.

When I had them tied up, my hair would look like this.... I had applied some hair products to make my fringe curled and volumnised so it would not be too flat (since my bangs weren't digital permed). The texture of my hair is really fine and pretty limpy thus I would need to curl my fringe every single time before I head out. Otherwise it would just look.... flat. Lolx~ While for the other parts of my hair, I had sprayed a little hair fixer and re-curled them so they could appear slightly more volumnised. I like how the hair around my side burn areas curl around my cheeks. With my former hair, I would usually try to curl them myself so they would appear tamed. This time round, I do not even need to curl them and they look natural & wavy which is also how I would like them to be in the first place. ^_^

When I style my hair using curling cream and hair dryer only... It looks like this.. It's more of a wavy hairstyle than a curly one. ^_^

Thank you Queen Kelly Hair Salon & Fusion Cosmetics for giving me a chance to do my first ever permanent hair perm and also for the following items.
- Secret Professional by Phyto Intense Richness Mask (Travel size)
- Secret Professional by Phyto Sublim Hydrating Shampoo (Travel size)
- Secret Professional by Phyto Beauty Creme Plus (Travel size)

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Call to book your appointment @ Queen Kelly:
67694808 Blk 445 Fajar Shopping Centre # 02-542
67731808 Blk 42 Holland Drive #01-81

Queen Kelly FB Page 


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