Belif x My Cozy Room Event: Experiencing 9 Miracles Of Peat

Hey all! It's been awhile since I last blogged. I had been packed with lots of family events followed up with beauty events which made me stopped blogging for almost a month! Now that all are over (almost), I shall get back up and start blogging again. Pls bare with me as I try my very might to bring you reviews, products & X'mas launches (as well as my slimming post! hehex~). ^_^

As for today, I'm going to tell you about belif's relatively new skincare name the Peat Miracle Revital range. It was introduced quite long ago with 3 products - Serum concentrate, Eye cream and Cream. And this time, belif launched a new Peat Miracle Revital Mask to go side by side with their sisters (or brothers? lolx~).

It was my first time visiting My Cozy Room, and I must say the place is really nice! ^_^ belif's setup blends in perfectly with their interior.

My Cozy Room counter. Beautifulllll right? ^_^

Such good idea of putting the words up on their shelf.

belif products on display at their desks.

Here's the belif basic skincare range.

And here's the belif Peat Miracle Revital skincare range. Wonder why is it 9 miracles of Peat? The pic below explains everything! Peat extract is actually found in the Peatlands, an old secret formula which Ancient Egyptians and Romans used for skin protection. In Peatlands, more than 80 kinds of herbs have been deposited with uncontaminated ice water and preserved over the last thousands of years to become the prime source of herbal energy. Til now, the Finnish people still use mud packs and toners formulated with peat extract to maintain their youthful skin.
So isn't it great that belif brings Peat extract nearer to us so we could also have the chance to try them too? ^,^

belif brought us to My Cozy Room was not just to enjoy the ambience but to also enjoy facial spa. The room was pretty dark when I entered actually and I almost felt like I can sleep anytime...zzZ

*opps* for my messy towel.. The bed is pretty soft and nice to... sleep in. hahax~

Ok and now I'm going to show my almost bare face (with minimum makeup on). It's not looking good because I have really oily skin on my T-zone, cheeks & laugh lines, have rough skin, large pores and I suffered dry & itchy patches around my lips and chin area (the rough bumpy spots).
Here's what was used on my face during the facial:
- belif Cleansing gel oil enriched
- belif Creamy cleansing foam moist 
- belif Mild and effective facial scrub 
- belif Bergamot herbal extract toner 
- belif The true facial oil 
- belif First Aid 360 Eye care mask
- belif Hungarian water essence
- belif Peat miracle revital mask
- belif Peat miracle revital serum concentrate 
- belif Peat miracle revital cream 
- belif Peat miracle revital eye cream

During the belif Peat Miracle Revital facial spa, I requested not to have the facial scrub near the dry patches as I was afraid the skin may break out even further.
Then the most awesome time came... Peat Miracle Revital Mask-ing (plus sleeping time). I thought that clay mask would cause my skin to feel dry after application but I was wrong. Apparently after cleansing off the clay mask, my skin still felt hydrated and it turned smoother. It even calmed down the patch of sensitive skin which I suffered for about a week. I am really surprised!

Here shows swatch of the Peat Miracle Revital Serum Concentrate which was used on my face after masking, and on the right is the Mask.

After the facial, my skin is glowing and felt smoother. T-zone oiliness minimised.

The next day... but of course with makeup and little camera filter on..(totally don't look like above m, power of hair style & makeup! lolx~) my face looks pretty smooth and matte. Filtered photo aside, my experience was that the itchy dry patch around my lips and chin totally flattened out as I had mentioned in my Instagram. I am totally loving the immediate effects the facial spa had brought me. In addition, there was no other products or equipments used ontop of all belif skincare products. How can I not love Peat Miracle Revital Mask you tell me? I now use it every week to control my T-zone sebum production plus boost my skin's turnover rate so my skin won't look so tired.

Complimentary from belif & My Cozy Room
Thank you so much for the awesome experience @ My Cozy Room & this cute belif little pillow! ^_^

- belif Peat miracle revital serum concentrate
- belif Peat miracle revital cream
- belif Peat miracle revital eye cream
- belif Peat miracle revital mask

Thank you belif and My Cozy Room! So have you tried the Peat Miracle Revital Mask yet? ^,^

belif Peat miracle revital serum concentrate 30ml SGD$85
belif Peat miracle revital cream 50ml SGD$84
belif Peat miracle revital eye cream 25ml SGD$71
belif Peat miracle revital mask 50ml SGD$50

belif Cleansing gel oil enriched 150ml SGD$54
belif Creamy cleansing foam moist 160ml SGD$33
belif Mild and effective facial scrub 100ml SGD$34
belif Bergamot herbal extract toner 200ml SGD$39
belif The true facial oil 30ml SGD$85
belif First Aid 360 Eye care mask 25ml SGD$39
belif Hungarian water essence 75ml SGD$57

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