Zalora x Vans Sneakers

If you had seen photos of my OOTDs and WIWTs, you would have guessed that I like wearing sneakers.
I often like to go for high-top ones as they could cover my skinny & boney ankles (becos I feel they're not pleasant to the eyes). I do own a few low-top ones before but had spoilt them since I wore them almost every single day at my previous workplace. So, there's only a few fair of high-tops sitting in my shoes closet and I was looking out for a new pair of low-top sneakers that could do a simple match to my pair of jeans.

At Zalora, listed many sneakers from various brands and one of the brand carries sneakers that fulfil my requirements is Vans.

Always liked the comfy fabric material used for sneakers and just by looking at these sneakers, my feet feel happy! *wiggles happy toes* I always find red sneakers pretty alluring (lolx~)... be it men or women wearing them!

Even though there were more than 20 designs, but there weren't much choices under the Women's category for me to pick. However if one wears a large shoe size (eg 24.5cm or longer), one could opt to go for the Men's sneakers. Do remember to check the feet length to get the correct shoe size. Men and Women shoe charts differ thus it is important for us to know our feet length first. For mine, I'm 24.5cm and I could wear slightly larger for sneakers (EU38.5/EU39). Big is better than small since we now have insoles and what not to fill in the empty spaces! ^,^

Alrighty, here are the ladies sneakers! I likeeeee the red one! I so wished they have more designs for me to choose! (>w<)

Since there aren't much ladies sneakers, I shall screen cap the ones I like over at the men's section.
Teal is really not bad!

Leopard print is so wild!~ Red + Leopard.. Alluring. Wild. Mammal. hahax~^∇^"

Did you spot any of the sneakers that you like? If you do, do share it with me! ^3~


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