My Lovely Haul: Fashion & Beauty

I'm happiest when come to blogging about my purchases. ^___^ *big grin* There's nothing compared to owning something that you really want! Fufufufu~
Ok, let's get started!

First up, hair accessories from Helen!
I patron their store quite frequently especially the one located near my home. Every now and then, I'll take a peek at their newest collection and see if there's anything I like. More often than not, I didn't buy their latest collection. I would roam a few rounds in their store and get the items from their older collection. BUT! This past week, they had released a collection that's sooooooooo cute! 
They brought in glossy lookin' acrylic rose and ribbon hair accessories and they are in polka dots!
Below are my picks. They also have a range in leopard prints. LOVEeeee it so much! ^,^ Moreover it's my birthday month so I got to buy it at 20% off! ^_^

Next is a random magazine get at Kinokuniya and thanks to Selphie's membership card, extra discount again!
This magazine Non-no is actually targeted to girls somewhat younger than my age.. I mean, for teens. lolx~
Why I bought this is because of the pink-navy blue tartan canvas handbag from Snidel! Another happy happy buy!~ (Snidel is Japanese fashion brand) The bag is sturdy, thick and could stand on it's own. I could even put in a A4 size folder and it still stands up pretty firmly.

I had been looking for a pair of comfortable black flats and I chanced upon this brand at OG name mezzy may. The moment I tried out their shoes, I felt my feet are on clouds! They are so comfy and the insoles has this cushion thing that reduces the impact to my feet when I walk in them. I googled to look for more mezzy may shoes but apparently I think it's not a well known brand and I couldn't get a view of their catalog or watsoever. Sigh~ I would definitely go back to OG again to check out their other designs. ^_^
Oh, and this pair of flats retails at about S$40-ish and again, I bought it during sales so I paid only $30-ish. ^^

Check out their sole! Unique eh?  It doesn't have any acupuncture effect on my feet, it just helps reduce the impact.

I can never be satisfied with my current wardrobe of tights. So yeah, I bought a bunch again from online and all these only cost me about S$50. hehehex~ ^o^  Check out the cute horsey and cage embroidery!

The bottom right are a bunch of what known as invisible socks. It is by far the best seamless invisible socks I had bought. They does not show at all when worn under my flats or shoes (thus invisible) and they never slip off my feet because they have this transparent rubber that sits at the back of the heels when worn. I tried a pair of black socks and I SUPER LOVE it so I got another 5 pairs more! They have them in nude, tan and black. Best socks buy eva! ^___^v~

Here comes my beauty haul~
First up is Avene Thermal Sping Water (Buy 1 get 1 free @150ml) for S$29.90 if I'm not wrong.. ^_^" Got it at Watsons. I had rather irritable skin lately plus the aircon at workplace is making my face dry so I thought of placing a bottle of face mist at work to constantly hydrate & calm my skin. When I feel hot and sweaty, the spray mist also helps make my skin feel cool and the skin temperature to drop so I won't look so warm and flushed.

I got Kose Sekkisei Clear Cleansing Oil at Metro for S$39. Reason being I had finished my Kose Seikisho Perfect Cleansing Oil and I like it because it cleanses very well and my skin didn't experience much inflammation or clogged pores from using it. When re-purchasing it at Metro, I then later realised I gotten a different cleansing oil. Blur me~ Lolx.. ^-^\* Nonetheless, I shall try out this one and see if it differs from Seikisho. ^_^
Here's a capture of the Sekkisei Clear Cleasing Oil description and ingredients.

I had been using Black Paint for months and I really really REALLY LOVE IT, because it helped me to clear ALL my inflammations, pimples, oil spots, clogged pores and all the gunk on my face leaving it clear and smooth. (Review will be up soon) Thus I went to Takashimaya to purchase the Best Water and Water Cream as I'd emptied these 2 first. Besides that, I also purchased my holy grail fresh Sugar lip treatment. Instead of buying the one with SPF, I thought I could try the advanced therapy instead. I had already started to use it and man, it's darn good too! I use this as my night lip treatment since I'll be sleeping so I don't need the SPF.

If you had gone to Takashimaya lately, you would know that there's a sale that went on for a couple of days. I was there too on the 4th day of sale when the crowd wasn't that crazy. I kinda prepared myself for not being able to find the things I want since most stocks would have been gone. But Nope. I'm lucky to get my hands on a lovely stainless steel La Gourmet Thermal Flask (I thought of buying Tiger brand but it's kinda expensivve. *pouts*) and also S$59 Covermark Moisture Veil LX foundie set. Covermark sells the refill alone at S$59 but I got it at S$59(less 10%) in addition, throw in a foundie case and a travel size cleansing milk.
What makes me happier is that all these items have an additional 10% off because I'm a Taka member card holder! Woots~ Happy 到~~~
On top of these, my man also got me a present from Carlo Rino handbag which has 20%+10% discount (more like I asked him to get me one.. lolx~^,^) so you can imagine how much I'd saved from buying all these! ^^ I shall not miss any Taka sales from now on! (Will be posting Carlo Rino handbag seperately)

Well, isn't this a lovely haul post? Almost all of the items I bought are really LOVEEEeee~ x infinity. I can't be anymore happier than buying these lovely stuffs at cheaper prices! (ohh.. why am I so cheapskate? lolx~)

Hope you all have fun reading this post as much as I like blogging it out~


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