Launch Event: SK-II Holiday Collection 2014

For this coming holiday season, SK-II revealed their exclusive gift collection at #ChangeDestiny Garden, Vivo City.

Award-winning actress and SK-II celebrity ambassador Lee Yeon Hee made a special appearance at the SK-II's ChangeDestiny Garden. I was happy to get to see her upclose! Previously I'd watched a couple kdrama and found her skin look reaaaally good.

And just see it for yourself, how flawless her skin is... so crystal clear & dewy! ^_^

Finally they launched the limited edition Facial Treatment Essence collection on the runway. Such an interesting launching mechanism. ^_^

Ok, I think I can't get enough of taking Lee Yeon Hee's photo.. She's just too pretty! ^,^

SK-II Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence: The Language Of Flowers
For the first time, SK-II's introduces a limited edition Facial Treatment Essence collection. In collaboration with up-and-coming digital artist Po-Chih Huang, the series boast four stunning bottles wrapped in an enchanting tapestry of flora to represent different facets of beauty - Passion, Elegance, Compassion and Wisdom - that translate into a celebration of the recipient as well as a wish for them, making it the ultimate gift of the season for your loved ones.

Passion: Red Tulips
For the woman who pursues excellence and lives lift to the fullest. In this design, Facial Treatment Essence is invigorated with a lively bloom of tulips that symbolize vitality and dynamism. Petals adorn the bottle in bold, energetic red strokes - the very expression of a woman's passion.

Elegance: Yellow Freesia
The warm yellow hues of freesia dress up the bottle in this rendition of the Facial Treatment Essence. Exquisitely beautiful, the fresia's subtle scent and graceful appearance are the perfect metaphor for a woman's elegance.

Compassion: Purple Hydrangea
Selectedd for its symbolic representation of appreciation and gratitude, the enchantingly captivating hydragrea is stamped onto the Facial Treatment Essence bottle. The soft budding petal coupled with slight variations of colours add an air of mystery to the design, the best gift for a thoughtful friend who always has you in her mind.

Wisdom: Green Cypress
Deep-rooted in strength and eternity, the green cypress climbs stylishly around the bottle in this limited edition SK-II MEN Facial Treatment Essence. The intricate pattern of overlapping leaves forms a thoughtful and cool image, making this the ultimate gift of wisdom for the man in your life.

SK-II Holiday Gift Collection
SK-II Revival Deluxe Set SGD$452
Especially for mum or your partner's mother, the SK-II Revival Deluxe Set will make a great pick for her to look beautiful at any age. The specially curated collection includes Facial Treatment Essence, STEMPOWER, STEMPOWER Eye Cream and Skin Signature 3D Redefining Mask to revive skin’s youth, just in time for the holiday festivities.

SK-II Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence, 215 ml
SK-II STEMPOWER Eye Cream, 15 g
SK-II Skin Signature 3D Redefining Mask, 1 pc

SK-II Miracle in a Bottle Set SGD$233
For the city girl with little time for herself, a fuss-free skincare routine takes care of her skin so she can invest her energy in her other passions. The first step to crystal clear skin? Splash on some Facial Treatment Essence after cleansing with Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser, both available in the SK-II Miracle in a Bottle Set.
SK-II Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence, 215 ml
SK-II Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser, 120 g

SK-II Best Essential Set SGD$398
The perfectly thoughtful gift for someone who’s always on-the-go, SK-II Best Essential Set has all the essentials she needs to keep her skin crystal clear. Whether it’s combating super-dehydrating airplane conditions or shielding skin from the sun, the set featuring Facial Treatment Essence, Facial Treatment Repair C, Facial Treatment UV Protection and Facial Treatment Masks will prime her skin to weather all conditions.

SK-II Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence, 215 ml
SK-II Facial Treatment Repair C, 30 ml
SK-II Facial Treatment UV Protection SPF 25 PA++, 30ml
SK-II Facial Treatment Mask, 2 pcs

SK-II Aura Glow Set SGD$532
Hosting holiday parties and dinners can leave the skin looking dull and tired. What better gift than the SK-II Aura Glow set for your gracious hostess? The 4-piece set comes with Facial Treatment Essence, Cellumination Aura Essence, Cellumination Deep Surge EX and Whitening Source Derm-Revival Mask to reveal a soft radiance from within, so she can glow in the spotlight.

SK-II Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence, 215 ml
SK-II Cellumination Aura Essence, 50 ml
SK-II Cellumination Deep Surge EX, 50 ml
SK-II Whitening Source Derm-Revival Mask, 1 pc

SK-II MEN Essential Festive Set SGD$332
A trio of skincare essentials for the special men in your life will be perfect when it comes to simplifying their grooming regime without skimping on the results. The SK-II MEN Essential Festive Set with SK-II MEN Moisturizing Cleanser, SK-II MEN Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence and SK-II MEN UV Protect Moisturizer will get your guy’s skin in top form.

SK-II MEN Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence, 215 ml
SK-II MEN Moisturizing Cleanser, 120 g
SK-II MEN UV Protect Moisturizer, 50 g

SK-II Colours Collection SGD$69*
*Exclusive price available with any purchase
The holiday season can be a demanding time, whether it’s planning a dinner party, gift-shopping or sleeping late from all the festivities. The best way to keep skin looking and feeling fresh and beautiful throughout the season: a  winning contingent of skincare and cosmetics. With the Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser, Facial Treatment Mask to rejuvenate tired skin and Clear Beauty Care & Control Cream and Color Clear Beauty Moisture Sheer Lipstick to complete the look, she’ll thank you for the SK-II Colours Collection Set.
SK-II Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser, 20 g
SK-II Facial Treatment Mask, 1 pc
SK-II Clear Beauty Care & Control Cream, 25 g
SK-II Color Clear Beauty Moisture Sheer Lipstick, 3.5 g

SK-II Finest Inspiration Set S$974
For the woman who has everything, go over-the-top with this perfectly extravagant holiday gift: SK-II Finest
Inspiration Set. Composed of SK-II’s finest skincare masterpieces – Special Edition LXP Ultimate Perfecting Essence, LXP Ultimate Perfecting Cream and LXP Ultimate Perfecting Serum – she’ll love the touch of luxury for her beauty wardrobe.

SK-II Special Edition LXP Ultimate Perfecting Essence, 215 ml
SK-II LXP Ultimate Perfecting Cream, 50 ml
SK-II LXP Ultimate Perfecting Serum, 50 g

SK-II Special Edition LXP Ultimate Perfecting Essence
Indulge and pamper that special someone with the ultimate luxury gift expressly created to satisfy all her beauty desires. Taking a dip into award-winning actress Cate Blanchett’s private beauty collection, SK-II presents the Special Edition LXP Ultimate Perfecting Essence – one of the brand ambassador’s personal favourites – now available in a 215 ml bottle* for a limited time only.
“The LXP Ultimate Perfecting Essence has become my number one product, not only because the packaging is gorgeous but the quality is so remarkable that a little goes a long way.” Cate Blanchett, SK-II Brand Ambassador
*Special Edition LXP Ultimate Perfecting Essence Bottle not sold individually

Where to buy?
Exclusive designs will be available at all SK-II counters in Singapore starting October.

SK-II Singapore Facebook Page


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