Event & Review: TruLife Ready-To-Drink Supplements

Sometime ago, I was introduced to TruLife's healthcare products. They are supplement drinks which are manufactured in Singapore, contain no sugar or additivies. These drinks include powerful active ingredients, which absorb rapidly by the body for targeted results, giving us the luminous glow of health.

TruLife Launch Event
At the launch event, Mr Dylan Hu, Director of Poli Medical Company Pte Ltd shared with us how TruLife came about as well as story about his life when he was younger and how the chinese herbs prescribed by his father who own a Chinese medical hall had turned his frail body into a strong and healthy one. It was an interesting introduction made by Mr Dylan which taught me more about Chinese medical hall, traditional chinese herbs and TruLife.

About TruLife
TruLife is newly launched brand by Poli Medical, an established company that has served the TCM needs of many Singaporeans since 1971.
TruLife is a contemporary health-care brand which aims to answer the health and lifestyle needs of today’s society. From the young adult who has just stepped out into the workforce, to the busy all-rounder mother who juggles multi commitments, to the active mature consumer into travel and leisure, everyone needs to keep their bodies in peak condition to enjoy life’s offerings. We understand that the today’s society thrives on convenience. With this in mind, our products have been developed and manufactured on this premise.
Through diligent observation and efforts into research and innovative product development, we develop products that contain a combination of herbal and western ingredients, producing optimal results for targeted body function. 

On the table were herbs and ingredients that could be found in TruLife's products such as, lotus leaves and hawthorn fruit used in Herbal System Detox drink. Bilberries that can be found inside Berry EyeHealth drink. And vitamin B, E & Collagen used in Collagen Cell Renew supplement.

From the event, I got to try all 3 supplements and also received a complimentary box of Herbal System Detox. Thank you TruLife. ^_^

Collagen Cell Renew
TruLife Collagen Cell Renew with 15,000mg of pure Micro Marine Collagen Peptides is a tasty functional drink which targets fine lines, locks in moisture and brightens complexion to leave you with suppler, firmer skin.
TruLife Collagen Cell Renew uses only low molecular weight collagen peptides of deep sea fish origin ensuring that your body only absorbs the highest grade of collagen available today.
Collagen Cell Renew has seen clinically proven results of a 50% increase in moisture level of the skin an a 13% decrease in UV spot area. Some may even see these results within 10 days of consuming this high potency concentration. It also helps battle skin aging and whitens skin. Its impressive collagen level is complemented by Zinc and vitamins for overall health benefits.
Recommended to consume Collagen Cell Renew at least 1 hour before sleep time. Need not complete all 10 bottles within 10 days. However, it is advisable to drink it continously for 10 days to achieve the best results.

The list of ingredients for Collagen Cell Renew is as follows.
The drink taste sweet, alittle sour and bitter at the same time and has a pretty thick viscosity to it. I can still catch a brief whiff of the smell of fish and the drink leaves my mouth with a little fishy aftertaste. Even so, out of the 3 supplements, I still like the taste of Collagen Cell Renew best. Probably because I had gotten used to eating and drinking collagen supplements. ^,^ Best to drink it chilled (refrigerated).

Berry EyeHealth
TruLife Berry EyeHealth is a concentrated dietary supplement drink developed specially for all your eye health needs. Based on a time-tested researched weighted formula, Berry EyeHealth consists of vitamins and ingredients are beneficial to our eyes and contains ingredients such as Goji Berry (Wolfberry) Extract, Bilberry Extract and Chrysanthemum Extract. It also contains Dendrobium stem and Prinsepia Seed to relieve eye fatigue, keep your eyes bright and sparkling and target common problems such as blurred vision, catarat and symptoms of glaucoma.
With extensive scientific studies done, TruLife Berry EyeHealth is recommended for adults and children aged 2 and up. Recommended to consume Berry EyeHealth at least 1 hour before sleep time.

The list of ingredients for Berry EyeHealth as follows.
When chilled, the bilberry tastes stronger than that of wolfberry's for this supplement. Thin viscosity and tastes a little sour and sweet. When it's in room temperature, it tastes more of wolfberry and other herbs than the bilberry. To be frank, I don't really like the taste of wolfberries though I do eat them sometimes as I know that they contain lots of benefits.
So I prefer to drink it chilled as it leaves a nice sweet aftertaste.

Herbal System
TruLife Herbal System Detox is 10-day detox programs which helps your body in its digestive process and lessen oil absorption giving your body a clean and clear start you can feel.
Today’s modern lifestyle is riddled with stress. Impurities from the food we eat can also leave your body feeling unhealthy and weak. TruLife Herbal System Detox uses 6 Natural active ingredients (Green Tea, Lotus Leaf, Folium Sennae, Hawthorn Fruit, Herbal Plantaginis and Cassia Seed) with Prune Extract and Vitamins to enhance digestive health and lessens oil absorption after meals. Herbal System Detox also improves kidney and liver functions, helps stimulate regular bowel movement to prevent toxin accumulation and increases metabolism.
It is best recommended to consume TruLife Herbal System Detox in the morning before breakfast and to take 1 bottle each day. To be completed within 10 days.

The list of ingredients for Herbal System Detox as follows.
To be honest, I had a hard time downinng the Herbal System Detox supplement because it has a rather strong herbal smell and taste which I can't really figure out what they are. There are herbs that I love eating/tasting but there are also a bunch of herbs that I really don't like. You know the time you go 'arghhkkk' when you really had to drink a bowl of herbal soup that you dislike... yeah that's the feeling. This drink isn't bitter like the traditional chinese herbal soup or medication (actually I prefer bitter stuffs). It actually taste kinda salty and sweet and I could also taste a little prune too (couldn't catch the green tea taste though). It's hard for me to say it in words moreover I'm bad at describing tastes (lolx~). Only for this supplement, I will need to drink it with plain water. Drinking the supplement in one gulp and then drink a cup of plain water to wash off the after taste. Yeah, that's my method to down it. Not too bad I must say, drinking more plain water is good too! hahax~ ^__^

Herbal System Detox Review
For this box of 10s Herbal System Detox supplement, I will need to complete it in 10 days. Meaning 1 bottle for 1 day, preferably drink it before the first meal of the day.

The packaging shows the 6 natural active ingredients used in Herbal System Detox and the benefits of each ingredient listed.

The packaging also list out the precautions that need to be taken when/before consuming the supplement.

Expiry date stamped on bottom of box packaging.

For safety purposes, the 10 bottles are packed separated with use of cardboard papers inbetween them.
During the 10-day course of consuming the Herbal System Detox (or rather, more than 10 days as I had skipped a few days inbetween), I feel that:
- there isn't any changes to my bowel movement for the first 3 days
- I continously drank the supplement for 5 days before stopping for a day and continued after that
- digestion system seems to become smoother as  my bowel movement was super smooth on the 4th day and onwards
- experience less constipation
- my tummy had became flatter (quite a lot actually) while I'm half way through the 10-day course
- stomach feels really light and experience no feeling of wind or indigestion
- tend to eat lesser for every meal
- no feeling of hungriness, the urge to go or whatsoever after consuming the supplement
The supplement already worked on me and results already could be seen and felt on the 5th bottle. I could feel that my tummy was so much lighter and I felt happier too having smooth bowel movement everyday. It's even better when I exercised during the period I consume Herbal System Detox. ^_^
Though I did skipped a couple of days but I went back taking the supplement again. There wasn't any significant difference felt during that few days. But of course, the supplement is still recommended to be completed within 10 days.

TruLife Tri-Kit Pack
Consist of the 3 supplement drinks in one pack. It would be good for those who wish to try them out before purchasing the box of 10s.

Bird's Nest Sugar-Free
TruLife’s non-concentrated sugar-free Bird's Nest is prepared with only the best grade of 100% authentic pure bird's nest. Now with a richer texture and more generous ingredients, it contains no flavouring or colouring, retaining the nourishing benefits and natural goodness of our traditional best-tasting recipe.

Besides the 3 supplements that were launched, I also had a chance to try out TruLife's core product - Bird's Nest. They also made one sugar-free! Yippe! Nowadays I try as much as possible to take less sugar or no sugar. ^_^

Bird's Best Sugar-Free actually still taste a tiny bit sweet and doesn't taste weird without the rock sugar. So to me, this is really nice as I always find those with rock sugar are often too sweet for my liking. For those who want to go for less sugar stuffs, do try out this one!

TruLife Collagen Cell Review SGD$56.60
TruLife Berry EyeHealth SGD$45.95
TruLife Herbal System Detox SGD$45.95
TruLife Bird's Nest Sugar-Free SGD$45

Where to buy?
TruLife's supplements are available at Guardian and Nishino pharmacies, as well as OG and Robinsons department stores from Sept 2014.

TruLife Facebook Page


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