Take Selfies with OPPO N1 Mini

Are you into Selfie mood recently? Thinking to get a phone that could take a flawless photo of you and your friends? Then hear me out~ 
A new 5 inch smartphone from OPPO had just been launched and guess what? It's made specially for you to selfie with it! ^,^

With a whooping 13MP 195° rotatable camera, you can expect more fun taking photos of yourself! And not forgetting to mention, your selfie pictures are saved in high resolution therefore you'll get clearer, more beautiful photos for you to instagram. ^,~

Have you taken a selfie holding the phone like so? Try this out with N1 Mini! ^_^

About #Selfie

OPPO N1 Mini
White and Cool Mint Blue.

About OPPO
Focused on innovation, OPPO pushes the boundaries of technology and returned to the core reason to why technology should exist – To improve life for the better. OPPO uses only the highest quality components available on the market, and alliances with leading international partners ensure that the latest and best hardware is available to customers. With the understanding that customers are the core of their business, OPPO strives to satisfy their customers and involve them in the development of new products.
OPPO Electronics Corp. is an international manufacturer of smartphones based in Guangdong, China. A globally registered technology brand, OPPO has carved a significant presence in North America and Asia, and now boasts a network of offices in countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, India and Mexico. In the USA, OPPO also markets its Blu-ray range of products.

OPPO N1 Mini Specifications

OPPO N1 Mini S$549

Where to buy?
Available at all authorized OPPO retailers, including Singtel and M1 shops. 
Available colours are White and Cool Mint Blue.



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