WishTrend Free Shipping to Singapore

If you had not heard of WishTrend, then boohoo to you! (lolx~ Just joking! ^,^)
I had previously reviewed several products which I had gotten from WishTrend and also written some posts about their new website interface along with what brands and products they carry. So head to those posts to know more about WishTrend!~ If you love Korean products, all the more you should check it out. ^_^

Today, I'm going to introduce you a relatively new feature on WishTrend's website name none other than....

Free Shipping Zone!

Free Shipping Zone
The Free Shipping feature is placed on the most left of the top banner. When clicked, it shows you products that could be sent to you without charging any shipping fees! You just pay for the products.
There are actually more than 10 items listed under this zone with a range of products, from skincare to makeup. Refer to the left column under Special category, there's more to just Free Shipping Zone. There are also Beauty Steal (Best discounted items) , Sol-Kit (Skincare Solution Kit) and Wish Box (Kinda like all-in-1 box or what we normally call, the subscription beauty box without the subscription ^3^).

Here I pick one of the items from the Free Shipping Zone - Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream (BB Cream). You can get this product in full size with free shipping. Where else could you get this kind of deal huh? ^_^
But before you buy, do login first to ensure that you are viewing the price in the correct currency. You should see it in SGD$ if you are shipping it to Singapore.

Do you also know that Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream is  voted as the No. 1 BB Cream by Korean women? There's even more reason for you to get this BB Cream now, besides the free shipping. (^o^)v~
Like any other BB Cream, Klairs' works as a suncreen, primer and foundation too! On top of that it also has finishing powder effect and it is suitable for dry, sensitive, aging and troubled skin.

In this page, it shows Klairs Illumination Supple Blemish Cream product in detail such as including swatches on both hand and face, before and after, as well as a test against other kinds of BB Cream.
On almost all product page comes with a video of the product introduction or comparison. You may wish to view it before deciding if you should buy the product.
Oh! And not forgetting they even have the full ingredient list typed out too! Awesomeness! ^_^

Best Seller
Do you know that Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream is also one of the best sellers and therefore you can also find it in th Best Seller page, just beside the Free Shipping tab. Here show's various products coming from different brands which are listed as the most popular product in WishTrend.

So to all those reside in Singapore, go get ithem now or never!~ ^_^ Always say 'Yeah!' to Free Shipping~ Hehehx~

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