What's New At Zalora?

Lately I'd been busy and didn't shop online much. When I got on Zalora, something caught my eyes......... THE OUTLET.
I must say, I really really like to check out clothes sold at outlets because I am cheapskate love to dig for gold. You know, if you can get one thing you really like and it's in your size plus it's on major discount, you feel as if you'd dug up gold from a pile of rocks!

With this new outlet, come other new stuffs! I'd noticed there's an online Magazine page available too! It's getting more and more interesting now. ^_^

Talking about new stuffs, do you know that Zalora has their very own fashion blog too? ^_^

In there, you can learn more about Zalora and view what's new in their blog.

You can get updates of Zalora private brand - EZRA in there too!

And check out what's new under their News section. From this month's news I get to know that SG Marketplace was launched!

Marketplace tab can be found at Zalora Singapore main page. I'm happy that there's a seperate page made specially for it because it'll mean more new labels, new products and more shopping! hehex~ ^,^

What new stuffs did you spot at Zalora lately? Do share with me! ^_^


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