Review: Vichy Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Serum & Light Cream

Sometime back my skin was rather dehydration which caused visible laugh lines and even oilier T-zone (lack of water), thus I decided to change my skincare products and get one that provides good hydration for my skin. And so I opened up Vichy Aqualia Thermal which includes 2 of their relatively new products:
- Vichy Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Serum
- Vichy Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Light Cream

I hardly can find one hydrating skincare product in my stash now (mostly anti-aging & whitening) so I really gota thank Vichy and VanityTrove for providing me these products.^_^

What a cute maze diagram! ^_^ Along with a blue pencil in the box too for me to find the way to uniform distribution of moisture.

Aqualia Thermal combined with Vichy Thermal Spa Water & Hyaluronic Acid is paraben-free and made for sensitive skin.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Serum
The 1st hydrating power serum containing 3 energising sugars and Vichy Thermal Spa Water that can capture and retain moisture. Also enhanced with dynamic hydration technology to continously even out moisture in all facial zones for fresh-looking skin all day long.
Who is it for? Women between 20 and 60 years old with dehydrated skin. Suitable for all skin types.

Ingredients and expiry date listed on the packaging. 24 months of shelf life after opening the product.

Product in pump bottle with glass body. The blue glass bottle looks really pretty, don't you think so? ^_^

Face Swatch
Here shows about 1 to 1 half pump of serum on my cheek, before and after blending it out

After using, I feel that the serum...
- feels lightweight
- has a pretty vivid aquatic scent
- silky & smooth in texture
- absorbs by skin pretty quickly however skin surface appear slightly glossy after application
- hands feel tiny bit oily after application
- after using a few days, skin feels only a little bit hydrated thus laugh lines are still visible, skin still lack of lustre
- only after about 2-3 weeks of using the serum, skin starts to become hydrated all around
- skin around laugh lines appeared a little more plumped up thus minimising the appearance of the deep lines
- lesser trapping of foundation within the laugh lines
- experience dewy, lustre skin
- skin feels less rough than before
- T-zone still appear oily less the cheek areas (previously whole face was quite oily because my face was really dehydrated everywhere)
- can be used together with other moisturisers
- can be applied day & night
- can be applied over neck area
- doesn't minimise comedones (pimples) or my mild acne that's mostly around cheek to jawline
It works pretty good alone too (with other moisturisers) even if I don't use Aqualia Thermal Light Cream together with it.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Light Cream
The range of dynamic hydration that stimulates distribution of water throughout all facial zones. Results: skin is hydrated in every millimeter to keep a fresh beauty all day long.
Who is it for? Women between 20 and 60 years old with combination to normal dehydrated skin.

Different from the serum, Light Cream has a 12 month shelf life after opening.

Light Cream comes in a jar, does not include spatula.

Moisturisers often come in a larger capacity, this one's 50ml. I kinda feel that moisturiser always finishes last even I use it slightly more than the serum each time. ^_^"

Light Cream looks more like a lotion than cream. ^,^

It has a consistency of both a lotion and a cream.

Face Swatch
Here shows one scoop of light cream on my face, before and after blending it out. As can see from the most bottom right picture, my face looks rather shiny & glossy.

After using, I feel that the light cream...
- consistency falls between lotion and cream (not gelish cream type)
- similar to the serum, has a pretty vivid aquatic scent as well
- easy to spread out, silky texture
- feels a tiny bit sticky after application
- not easily absorbed by the skin (I'll do light patting motions to enable quicker absorption)
- skin surface appear quite glossy and hands feels pretty greasy too after application
- skin feels slightly moisturised but feels oily at the same time
- light cream leaves me with a greasy & glossy face thus I only use it in the night
- skin appears very dewy and slightly plumped on the next day
- the skin feels pretty smooth and evenly moisturised
- can be used together with other serums/treatments
- works good for me if used once per day during the night (mostly when I'm not heading outdoors)
- experience few new inflammations on my skin (mostly those 'enclosed' comedones/pimples)
I would recommend normal to slightly dry skin types users to use the light cream because I personally find it that it is pretty oily and leaves my skin looking really shiny right after application. To prevent my face looking all shiny and whatnot, I avoid using the light cream during the day before makeup as the greasiness may melt away my makeup.

Overall Review
After using both the products separately and as a set, I find that I prefer the serum over light cream. Initially I thought that the light cream would be 'light' enough for my skin to absorb quickly and not oil up within seconds but sad to say it isn't catered for my skin type (my skin's combi-oily, sometimes very oily).
My skin being combi-oily can be dehydrated because all it has is only oil therefore without constant supply of water, my skin oils up very quickly and appears dry on the surface at the same time. With so much sebum on my skin, it needs the right kind of skincare to hydrate it. Aqualia Thermal Serum was able to do so but not the light cream. The serum is packed with hydrating ingredients without feeling really greasy therefore it works on my skin, wherelse Light cream is hydrating but is equally oily too. I would love it more if the moisturiser can be less greasy. ^_^

Where to buy?
Available at selected Guardian, Unity, Watsons, Hospital Pharmacies, and Derma Centre at 302-33 Westgate Mall, 3 Gateway Drive.

For more of Vichy products, visit VanityTrove.


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