Launch: Tokyo Luxey in Singapore

Today, my blogpost of Tokyo Luxey would be a very happy one..... Why? Becos I'm going to talk about Japanese cosmetics! ^0^/~
Some of you might had already knew that I'm crazy about Japan stuffs, be it fashion, beauty, culture, or even their sub-culture ever since say.. 20 yrs ago?(since the sailormoon era...Lolx~) Anyhoo, I just LOVE Japan. ^,^
And to be able to be part of Tokyo Luxey community (I'm called a 'Luxey' from now on! ^,^), basically I'm grinning from ear to ear at every second! (^▽^) 
So... what do these pretty cosmetics have to do with Tokyo Luxey or its community? Well, read on to find out more! ^,^

About Tokyo Luxey
TOKYO LUXEY focuses on the curation of Japanese cosmetics (anything and everything Japanese! ^o^) and beauty products, video streaming-oriented e-commerce, and the LUXE community of women. It is our philosophy at Tokyo Luxey that, together with the trendsetting women of Asia, we can build a bridge between Asia and Japan.
- Sales of gift boxes filled with Japanese cosmetics and reviews by "LUXEYS" in our LUXEY community.
- The first content of the website will be the reality TV show "Star World Asia by FOX Asia" which features Japanese cosmetics specially selected by TOKYO LUXEY. In this show you can see Japanese makeup methods demonstrated by famous Japanese makeup artists.
In connection with the TV show, a special LUXE gift box of Japanese cosmetics will go on sale.
Tokyo Luxey currently works with various Japanese brands such as Cold Fushion, Make It & Co., 24h Cosme, FairyDrops, KOJI, Laminaze cosmetics and etc.

Tokyo-Luxe: A Luxe Makeover TV Series
Here shows "Tokyo-Luxe: A Luxe Makeover" TV series, a collaboration between FOX International Channels (FIC) and TOKYO LUXEY. If you haven't watched it, do catch all 4 episodes on Tokyo Luxey's YouTube! ^_~

Tokyo Luxey Event
As a start, Tokyo Luxey brought in several items that are not available in Singapore and they put together all these products into a Gift Box available for purchase! I'll talk more about the gift box later on. ^_^
At our meet-up, Tokyo Luxey presented us with many Japanese beauty products which I personally had not seen or tried despite the love for all Japanese cosmetics (lolx~).
Here are some of the products shown to us:
- OYAMA KIRAAN! Metal Magic Liner
- Fairydrops Vanilla Puff Mineral Powder
- Fairydrops Platinum Mascara Waterproof
and more below...

Here we have Ms Chie Maeda, Managing Director of Tokyo Luxey presenting the new eclafutur by Albion.

Albion may be familiar to many of us because of their best seller - Skin Conditioner. And this time, Tokyo Luxey brought in yet another one of Albion's top 3 products - Eclafutur (meaning radiant future) for us to have a chance to try this highly raved treatment lotion.

- Albion Skin Conditioner

To let us try out Albion's best seller, Tokyo Luxey had kindly provided us with the Skin Conditioner Essential Paper Masks. ^.^

Back of the sheet masks shows the directions of using the mask and Ingredient list (in Japanese).

- Albion eclafutur

Glad that Tokyo Luxey supplied us with a sample size eclafutur too~ ^_^  For better absorption, eclatutur is used right after face is cleansed, follow by the rest of the skincare.

Next product introduced to us was a Japanese brand that's made in France, mainly using natural marine ingredients:
- Fleur De Mer Crème Essentielle Day Cream Face

Fleur De Mer Creme Essentielle is a hydrating, oxygenating and anti-oxidant cream. It is used in the day to protect skin from losing moisture and it's for all skin types. Apply it in the morning onto clean face and neck and massage delicately. In addition, Fleur De Mer products are also free from Paraben, Silicon, Mineral Oil, Phthalate, Propylene Glycol & PEG.

I love to see products sealed under the cap. Double security!

- Make It Co. Face & Body Wash Oil with Thyme Essential Oil (travel size)
- Make It Co. Premium Gel Face Gel (travel size)

It's packed so nicely even for a travel size product. ^_^

This Face & Body Wash Oil with Thyme Essential Oil is specially formulated for oil prone skin.

The spatula that comes with the mini jar is so cute! ^_^ This jar of premium gel containing macadamia nut oil and rose flower water is to be used on face after cleansing.

Next comes the product that was ranked No.1 in 2013 under the BB Cream category at @Cosme!
- Evangelist Nobuto UV Protect Cream BB Cream SPF31 PA++ in shade No. 01

This BB Cream contains Placenta & EGF (Epidermal growth factor). Both ingredients were a big hit in Japan last year (and probably still are) but to know whether they really work on our skin, we shall see~ ^,^
Btw, shade No. 01 is Evangelist BB Cream's most popular shade and it's in ochre (yellow-orange tone).

6 in 1 total cream and provides a 3D effect when applied onto the skin.

- 24h Cosme Powder Foundation in shade #03

This isn't my first time coming across the brand 24h Cosme because I'd seen it in magazines, swatched it at Japan cosmetics stores, bought a jap magazine that comes with a mini 24h Cosme powder foundation sample (shown later) and reviewed it too. ^_^
If you aren't sure what's 24h Cosme about, read them here!

Powder packed separately in a refill pack. Shade is in #03 Healthy skin tone.
24h Cosme contains many skincare properties so that one can wear this foundation as long as 24 hours.

Back of the refill pan has this sticky glue thingy that will stick firmly once placed into the foundation slot.

And done.

Shade 03 is rather dark, my skin tone is closer to shade 02. The foundation texture is pretty fine, adheres to skin easily.

24h Cosme actual vs mini size! Sho cute isn't it? ^,^

A comparison swatch between the 3 foundies: (left → right)
24h Cosme Powder Foundation in #02, 24h Cosme Powder Foundation in #03 and Evangelist BB Cream in #01.

After blending them out... (click to enlarge image)
For both the 24h Cosme foundation and Evangelist BB Cream, they have a light to moderate coverage and are buildable.

Soooooo... after seeing all these beautiful Japanese products, any thoughts of trying them out yet?
All these products will be available for purchase at! Just follow the links listed out to you below~ ^,^

Tokyo-Luxe Special Edition Gift Box (worth of S$375 products in travel & actual size!) S$39.00 / USD$32
The gift box contains 7 items mentioned in this video.
Fleur De Mer Crème Essentielle (Cream Essential) S$42.47 / USD$34
Evangelist BB Cream (40g) S$50.74

Where to buy?
For Singaporeans:
- Fleur De Mer Essential Cream at Tokyo
- Gift Box (Click the below pic to buy)

For Overseas:



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