Review: Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Skincare Range

You probably have spotted a new skincare range displayed at several drugstore & pharmacy outlets lately. Something white and gold... and you might had opened them, smelt the content, swatched them on your hands...
And that new thing you had just tried, was actually the Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness skincare range.

About Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness
This new range consists of 3 products, mainly the Radiance Essence, Multi-Protect UV Fluid SPF50+ PA+++ and Radiance Cream.
Neutrogena takes skin brightening to new heights with the launch of the Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness skincare line, formulated to provide higher efficacy in combating stubborn dark spots, for healthy and radiant skin.
Designed to diminish the appearance of persistent dark spots, new Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness features a unique combination of VITAL-IONS™ and Lily Nectar for renewed skin that glows.
- VITAL-IONS™ technology uses zinc and copper minerals, known to be catalysts that kickstart the skin’s cellular renewal, speeding up the dispersion of melanin.
- Lily Nectar is the mixture of White Lily extracts and stabilised Vitamin C to suppress the production of melanin.

“Supercharging” Skin Metabolism
Neutrogena’s VITAL-IONSM technology is based on how copper “supercharges” zinc’s ability to boost cell renewal as the minerals work together to increase the skin’s metabolic rate. In the star product, Radiance Essence, copper and zinc are in two separate chambers, combining only when dispensed. This, says the brand, optimises copper’s “supercharging” abilities. According to tests by Neutrogena, lightening of stubborn spots and increased radiance are visible in just three weeks, and one bottle can rid skin of a year’s accumulated melanin.

Radiance Essence
Packaging describes in several languages include English & Chinese. Ingredient list included too .(click to enlarge image)

With just 30g of product, this bottle is actually pretty big, about the size of my whole hand. The product in white & gold appears rather elegant when placed on my vanity table. ^_^

Radiance Essence is of a pump type bottle with 2 small outlets that dispense 2 different contents at a time - zinc & copper.

Here shows 3 full pumps of essence. As you can see, there are 2 types of content on my palm (zinc & copper) differ by its colour and translucency.

Face Swatch
When applied on my face, the essence gives off a subtle sparkling effect as it has what look like little tiny glitters or mica. This instantly makes my skin look a little more radiant and brighter. I would recommended to use it in the day as these little glitters reflect light which inturn make the skin look even more radiant.

After application, the skin doesn't feel oily at all.

After using Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Radiance Essence, I find it ...
- has a pretty sweet and floral scent
- usually use 2-3 full pumps for whole face & neck
- smooths out on my palm really easily
- lightweight, gelish consistency
- absorbs by the skin very quickly
- no oil content, doesn't feel oily on my hands and skin
- though there's no oily content but it still leaves my face look slightly glossy
- after application, skin feels a little sticky
- leaves skin looking sparkly as there are visible tiny glitters or mica in the essence
- skin immediately appear dewy
- hydration level wasn't up to expected, it feels a little bit on the dry side
Even though the Radiance Essence is oil-free, my skin still look a little glossy after application. But I find it weird that the skin feels matte and smooth when I run my hands over my face. It feels matte but looks glossy.. hmm..^,^"
I like the lightweight texture as it's easily absorbed by my oily type skin. I use it for both day and night after toner/lotion before moisturizer & sunblock.

Radiance Cream
Similar to the Radiance Essence, packaging shows 3 different language and there is a manufacturing & expiry date stamped on it too. (click to enlarge image)

The cream comes in a jar.

Like any other skincare in jars, it comes with an additional lid inside to prevent product degradation. I had been using this for sometime and I had to say the lid flew off my fingers/ fingernails several times. I wished they had not made it so hard for me to grasp. I would recommend those who have long fingernails to push the lid to one side before lifting it up because by pulling the lid up directly makes it harder. The lid sticks firmly to the cream below it and the little handle is too slippery to hold on to.

The packaging doesn't provide spatula so I gota get my own to dig up the content from the jar.

Face Swatch
The cream is not too thick and not very lightweight, falls just right in between the two.

Cream usually would make my face look very glossy, just like the image shown below.

After using Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Radiance Cream, I find it ...
- has a pretty sweet and floral scent (same as the essence)
- cream is slightly thick yet pretty light weight
- easy to smooth out on my plams and my face
- though it is oil-free, skin still appears pretty glossy and look a little oily
- use after Radiance Essence
- after application, skin feels smooth yet a little sticky
- the glossy surface can be dabbed away by tissue after which leaves skin looking a little dewy
- skin starts to oil up after some hours but mostly only on the nose
- hydration level was not up to expected as skin look a little dry after half a day
Good thing about this cream is that it doesn't make my face appear super oily after sometime unlike some others. Most of the time when using this cream, only my nose is oily and it was rather minimum, even lesser for my forehead and cheeks. However I wished it could have provided enough hydration for my skin as it appear a little dry and flakey when I put on makeup. While during times I don't apply makeup, my skin look pretty ok. ^_^

Multi-Protect UV Fluid SPF50+ PA+++
Different from the other two, this sunblock is made in Korea. (click to enlarge image)

This 30ml sunblock is in a small and sleek pump type bottle.

Surprise surprise! When I first swatch the UV fluid, I was taken aback that they actually made it in violet shade. To be frank, I had not used a sunblock in this shade before, not counting in violet makeup base/primer/concealer. So when I saw this, I was really happy and couldn't wait to try it immediately!

And so I tried and I am really in love of it! ^_^ (Sorry that the colour doesn't come out right in the below images, they should be light violet shade)

Why I love it is because it immediately brightens up my skintone and evens it out too.

After using Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Multi-Protect UV Fluid, I find...
- has the same nice sweet scent like the essence & cream but slightly lighter fragranced
- has a really nice light violet tint that instantly brightens my dull skin when applied
- easy to smooth out on my palms as well as on my skin
- takes not long to settle on my skin
- oil-free but still shows slight glossy on my skin
- excellent sun protect for my face and neck as I'd not experienced skin darkening or spot resurfacing even after walking under sun for hours
- able to conceal the flaws on my skin a little and make the spots not so visible
- instantly corrects my uneven skintone
- acts as a good makeup primer too
- need to be removed by makeup remover as the sunblock is pigmented (violet shade is consider as a colour pigment therefore there is a need to remove it like how we would remove our makeup)
I'd given this a test by walking under hot afternoon sun (along with the essence & cream applied before it) and I must say, it really did helped in preventing my skin from darkening and spots are not so visible anymore. I'd skipped applying them on my decollete and I regretted for doing that because when I got home, my decollete was one shade darker than my face, forming a dark U shape pattern on my chest where the collar was at. I would strongly recommend UV Fluid to users who have dull skin. ^_~

Before & After
The differences spotted (arrowed) just from 1 week of usage.

Overall Review
Besides the above dark spots (some are scars from acne/pimples and some are sun spots) that have lightened, my skintone has overall lightened too. It is usually more obvious once I came out from shower where I would usually compare my face against my neck shade in the mirror.
Many a times, my face would appear same or darker shade than my neck when I'm not using whitening products or not enough sunblock. After using Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness, I saw the difference on my face. Instead of looking all pale and white, my face appear more towards radiant and fair and it is now slightly lighter shade than my neck and brighter too! ^_^
I would love it more if this range could provide better hydrating properties. My skin is always in constant lack of moisture and at same time has alot of sebum in it. It is important for me to balance both to achieve flawless skin. It would be good if Fine Fairness range could give a little boost in its hydrating part.

Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Radiance Essence S$45.90
Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Radiance Cream S$34.90
Neutrogena Clinical Fine Fairness Multi-Protect UV Fluid SPF50+/PA+++ S$34.90

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