Look like a WAG, Be a WAG

When you are wife or girlfriend to an internationally famous football superstar, the pressure is on to look, feel, and be 110% perfect. To quote The Secret WAG (thesecretwag.com), “I also live my life in the bubble of WAGdom where there is pressure to look not just good but perfect. In WAGdom there is one big competition to be the best: to have the best skin, to be the thinnest, the fittest, the hottest WAG. No one wants to be the ugly fat WAG”.

Here are a few must-dos on how to achieve that level of extreme visual perfection.

It’s not necessary to wear couture everywhere you go, but do make sure you know what flatters your body type best! Try a personal shopper/stylist service just once to get all the starting help you need. 

I’m not saying you have to get the most expensive it bag every season (but obviously if you can afford it, go for it). It’s always good to invest in a good quality bag that you know can take you everywhere, and be sturdy enough to last.

WAGs tend to wear huge designer sunglasses. So why not? Protect your eyes, and look slightly mysterious all at the same time.

Practice, practice, practice! Makeup, hair and beauty products can work wonders, but remember to keep it minimal. Makeup a mile thick on your skin is definitely not in fashion.  Neither is looking like you’ve just rolled out of bed.

Nothing fattening, because maintaining your figure is key to looking amazing! But of course, what you eat can affect the condition of your skin – too much spicy food and you may just get some pimples! To get skin worthy of a WAG, try BRAND’S® InnerShine® RubyCollagen Essence Drink (yummy, and good for your skin!)

So are you on the way to WAGdom? ^_~

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