Review: PixaRoll Photos & Magnets

The last time I visit a photo processing shop to develop my photos happened eons ago, that is ever since digitial photos existed. "What if one day, all my precious digital photos are wiped out in an instant if my computer crash or my phone die?", I thought about it every now and then. However, humans are plain lazy but clever at the same time so.... I back up the photos here and there and everywhere. So much so that I couldn't find that single photo I want out of the 1593247302812 backup photos.
Then I thought, wouldn't it be nice if there's an online service where I can upload and print the photos periodically after I took them so that I won't miss out developing all my pretty photos? 
Well, there IS such an app for mobile phones. Why wouldn't there be any since there are already millions of wonderful apps in the world now.
And the app I use to develop my pics is... PixaRoll. (Does it reminds you of the roll film? lolx~)

Let me now show you what I had printed using PixaRoll app. But before that, take a look at these pretty nice brown envelopes! It has a perforated strip where I just tear it to reveal the contents inside it.

TADAH!~ Here are the photos and magnets that I'd requested to print! Oh and that's me, me & me, and then there's mimi, mimi and mimi. Lolx~ (so bias ^,^")

How to print?
First, download PixaRoll app and just simply follow their Step 1-4 instructions. It's really easy! By tapping on Step 1: Select your photos (refer left), it will bring me to the Products page (right). There are 2 types of prints, 1 being the normal Photos (4R / 6R) another is a set of 9 magnets, each 2"x2" size.

After I'd chosen my 5 photos, the app will upload all of them (left) and brings me to the Cart page (right) where I get to choose to develop 4R or 6R photos. For square pictures, it will become 4"x4" (4R) or 6"x6" (6R) photos. At the Cart page, I can still tap the pictures to edit the framing just in case photos don't align nicely. ^_^v~
Thereafter, tap Select Address to type in mailing address and proceed to Checkout.

Similarly for the magnet (left), I chose the photos from my mobile gallery but this time is 9 pics in total! All 9 pics will be collated as a magnet set. The photos in the set can be rearranged and edited within the Cart page. After checking out, an order no is given to me.(right) I recommend those who are using PixaRoll app to record down the order no as it would be easier when comes to tracking mails. ^,^

Products: Photos
Here comes the photos~ ^_^ I'm so happy that they got printed out! Yeah~ All for memories sake~ So these can be passed down to my next generation and the next and the next and the..........
Ok, these are photos printed landscape.

Texture of the photos only comes in matte.

Portrait photo

Photo that doesn't fit either 4R or 4"x4" size would still be printed as 4R but white space can be seen at the 2 ends. I am given the chance to either cut the white space away or just leave it like this and I chose the latter cos I'm a lazy human. Hahhaa~ ^o^
And a square instagram picture would turn out to be a 4"x4" photo. (Isn't mimi the cutest in these 2 pics?^^)

Holding 4R and 4"x4" photo in my hand.

Products: Magnets
Set of 9 magnets in 1 big magnet sheet.

Texture is glossy.

These printing lines are actually not visible to the eyes unless I looked at it at a super close distance (my cam managed to catch this lines and make it look really visible in this pic. lolx~). Surrounding these 9 magnets are white border lines that can be tore or cut off. I recommend bending them and use a scissors to cut along these lines so that the magnets would not appear jagged and it's faster too.

The 9 little magnets on my fridge.

So loving the magnets!~ ^_^ Thank you PixaRoll!

Where to download?
PixaRoll app is available for download at Apple iTunes & Google Play Store

Here are the 4R/6R & Magnet prices in SGD$:



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