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Stress has become so commonplace that it has become a way of life. In small doses, it can help one perform under pressure and motivate one to do their best. Just like myself, I prefer to be in an environment where I could be challenged so I'll feel motivated and would do better when there's a certain amount of stress placed on me. However in large doses, it can cause a loss of concentration and focus and even affect health.
So to help relieve the signs and symptoms of stress, Watsons in collaboration with Pfizer has launched a stress management campaign to help individuals better manager their stress levels.

About STRESStabs®
According to The Centre of Psychology of Singapore, one in four Singaporeans said they were highly stressed, up from one in five in 2012, a polled by an annual survey done by Health Promotion Board (HPB) last year. Research has shown the positive impact of nutrients in managing stress conditions as it improves one's energy levels and supports the overall immune system. When stressed, the body begins reacting to its effects - for instance; hair starts to drop, skin becomes duller, heart rate and blood pressure spikes, hence increasing the risk of heart diseases.
To combat the negative effects of stress, one should take nutrients like Vitamin B Complex that contains:
Vitamin B1 - whole grain breads and cereals
Vitamin B2 - milk, kidney beans and fish
Vitamin B6 - oatmeal, strawberries, bananas and soy products
Vitamin B7 - liver, egg yolks and milk
Vitamin B12 - fish, poultry, eggs and cheese 
These nutrients not only help to alleviate stress, anxiety, depression but also provide an energy boost when one is unable to function due to high levels of stress.
With the new STRESStabs, a high strength Vitamin B complex supplement containing all the necessary nutrients mentioned above, it helps to provide one with energy to stay ahead everyday, both mentally and physically. The new STRESStabs formula is also boosted with other active ingredients such as Vitamin C and E that support immune system with antioxidants.

STRESStabs is also available in gender-specific formulas that are tailored to meet the specific needs of men and women:
For Men - contains Zinc to support men's immune system and increase men's vitality. Zinc is an essential mineral required by the body to maintain a healthy body growth and development. It also aids the process of wound healing.
For Women - contains iron to help fight fatigue and boost overall well-being of women. It also contains folic acid in levels that meet RDA requirement for women planning pregnancy. Folic acid is vital vitamin that supports brain and nervous system function, benefiting mental health.

For both of the STRESStabs (men & women) bottles, they come in same design and size. On top of the bottle, shows instructions on how to open and close the cap which I find easy to understand. The cap was secured pretty tightly and it took me quite long to uncap it. But once done, it's easy to open & close it later on.

Like all supplement, there's a seal to prevent the products from degrading.

For Women, the tablets are in a brighter orange. 

Nutritional Information for Women's STRESStabs. 

For Men, the tablets are in pastel orange shade. The difference is there so that one would not take the wrong pills if he/she ever misread the word from the bottle. ^_^

 Nutritional Information for Men's STRESStabs. 

For the past 3 weeks, I had been taking the STRESStabs (For Women) daily, mostly in the night after my dinner or sometimes before I sleep. Even though it mentioned on the packaging that it should be taken with food but I felt no difference when I took it even without food, however I did made myself to drink alot more water after that.
As I'm already taking supplement everyday since the start of this year, there wasn't much difference for me when I swapped straight to STRESStabs. The difference in my previous multi-vitamin supplement and STRESStabs is that the multi-vit had a wider range of nutrients in it while STRESStabs' nutrients are higher in value (mg/mcg/IU). Our body usually requires a certain amount of nutrients daily and the value for each nutrient is measured by RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowances). STRESStabs infused a higher amount, specifically the Vitamin Bs which makes the RDA to increase to more than a 100% for each nutrient and that could not be found in my usual multi-vits.
While majority of the nutrients come from the food we eat (provided that we eat healthy), there bound to be some things that our body requires but aren't found in those food and that is when the supplements come into play. Usually a multi-vit with RDA 100% is sufficient to fill in those gaps, however to a person who handle high level of stress may require nutrients that are higher in value. Reason maybe due to insufficient nutrients intake from the food he eats, in another words, he may not be eating right or eating enough food.
When one is stressed up, it may cause loss of appetite (I did when I was really stressed back then) or one will simply eat junk food that doesn't contain the right nutrients. Thus STRESStabs is here to help combat all these problems.

As mentioned earlier, I didn't experience much difference when taking STRESStabs or perhaps I wasn't THAT stressed to begin with. hahahax~ ^o^
Nonetheless it is still good for me to take STRESStabs daily or maybe once every few days because I really need the iron in me. The last time I took an iron test at a blood donation drive, it failed. I would really love to find out if STRESStabs could help in this area although I understand it's not for such purpose but still, many multi-vitamins don't include the mineral iron in them.
I'm glad that this supplement has one that is made specially for women. ^_^

Redeem a gift @ Stress Management Pharmacy Consultations
Watsons pharmacists will be able to perform a stress test to advise shoppers how to better manage their stress levels and rate their current level of stress. Consumers will also be able to redeem a gift from Watsons pharmacists by sharing the best method of coping with stress.

STRESStabs with iron for Women (60 tablets) SGD$26.75
STRESStabs with zinc for Men (60 tablets) SGD$26.75

Where to buy?
Available at selected Watsons stores.

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