Review: Gucci Made to Measure Pour Homme

Are you wondering if this is my first time reviewing a men's fragrance?..... Oh yes, you are right. ^_^/
Instead of using the fragrance on myself, I have a model who could do it for me. He's none other than my man..... my mystery man.
If you wonder why I name him mystery, do check out my instagram where I post photos of him. ^,~

Just a little bit of history about my man and his fragrances...
My man had never used a fragrance except for men's deodorant, that is until one day, I started spoiling him with fragrances. It started out with 1 EDT at first and he used it diligently everyday before work and then I gave him another one so he could have a choice. I gave him one again which he claimed 'too many' but happily using the 3rd... then he heard that I'm going to let him try Gucci Made to Measure Pour Homme, he literally pestered me for it. I didn't stop him though even when he wanted more as I like the nice scent on him and loving the 'Oh so manly~' moment when I'm near him. hahax~ (^▽^")

About Gucci Made to Measure Pour Homme
Gucci has long distinguished itself as a symbol of success for the world’s most stylish individuals. This autumn, Creative Director Frida Giannini has conceived a new fragrance legend in the impeccably sophisticated guise of Gucci Made to Measure for the man who demands the very best.
The Gucci Made to Measure fragrance represents an intensely masculine partner for the iconic female perfume Gucci Première. As the Première heroine is enveloped in her couture gown and fragrance, so is her companion in his Made to Measure suit and scent. He is a connoisseur, whose every move speaks of his desire to make a unique statement, giving him a distinctive edge. His fragrance, tailoring and demeanour distinguish him as a man apart – a man whom others aspire to be.
Top notes: Calabrian Bergamot, Tunisian Orange Flower, French Lavender, Anis Seed
Heart notes: Sri Lankan Nutmeg, Water Lily, Juniper Berry, Plum, Cinnamon

Gucci Made to Measure Pour Homme is packaged in none other than its distinctive criss-cross diamante pattern and signature web stripe. Ingredients are on the back of the box, product made in UK.

Product to be used within 36 months after opening.

Gucci Made to Measure
Instead of using as an accessory, Gucci uses their iconic horsebit design as a cap for the falcon. Metallic gold cap is hand brushed into satin finish.

Part of the horsebit marked with the brandname.

The horsebit acts as a handle too. The cap secures well enough for me to hold the whole bottle up even though the glass is heavy, and so is the cap.

Tinted grey fragrance seated in the centre of the quality glass bottle resembles that of a man in his Made to Measure suit.

Base of the bottle shows the product info.

As the cap is very well secured to the glass bottle, it takes a little more strength to open.

Even the cap is designed to fit the bottle perfectly, it is indeed Made to Measure.

When uncapped, a rich scent drifts through the air. I caught cinnamon, and something sweet & spicy.
On my man, I didn't catch much of the initial note but at the very end I got the similar scent which I had from the bottle itself, less the sweetness.
The scent was really intense when he used it but my nose liked it though (or perhaps I just like the way he smells regardless what fragrances he use. lolx~)
The scent takes quite a while to settle to a slightly mild level where it's more inoffensive.
As I walked behind him, he sent out a manliness with a tinge of light warm floral aroma in the air. A scent that leaves a lasting impression in my mind and probably many others too. As I looked at his back, I daydreamed that he would appear in Gucci's full Made to Measure suit and bring me to a dance~
When used on myself, it started out as an intense and warm floral scent that brings out a man's masculinity but with little touch of sweetness to it.
And then zest & sour enters but goes subtle in the next second and finally settling down to an oriental powdery and spicy fragrance which reminds me that of a incense but with style.
After few hours, there is a very subtle floral and a little sweet scent that lingers on my body but not in a lady-like way. I like it when it goes light at the end of the day, as I could still smell it on my man after he returned home but of course, blended together with his own manly 'smell'. All the more manlier! ^,~


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