Hari Raya Shopping At Zalora

Hari Raya Puasa is about a month+ away! Though I don't celebrate this special festival but it doesn't stop me from looking at the Hari Raya clothes at ZALORA.

Here's one that caught my attention...Diana Danielle x Emel by Melinda Looi. I was looking at the nice long sleeve top that the female model is wearing and then it lead me to more~

While viewing, I spotted this Contrast Panel Modern Baju Kurung. It is so pretty!!!! +everblue c does it reminds you of your bag from Zalora? *wink wink* hehhex~ What I really love about their baju (clothes) design is that they are fitting and very long and the dress/skirt ends would definitely touch or almost touch the floor. I would love to have dresses/skirts to be this long as I am pretty tall to begin with. Buying long skirts is a major problem for me but it's not if I get it from them~ ^^

Next is Zalia line. Look at how this maxi dress flares out! I am so loving this! ^,^

Like the above design but with big bold black prints. Oh my~ so much love. If you love it too, remember to pre-order it early as pre-ordered clothings from Zalia will be delivered by mid of the following month.

Spotted a nice purple x navy heels from Zalia. Pretty elegant and it's pocket friendly. As mentioned in my previous Steve Madden post, I like my shoes strappy. ^^

Last but not least, one of my favourite has gota be something in repeated prints and in GOLD. Gold prints against black contrasts greatly. For those who like mermaid maxi skirt, I recommend to go for this Zeera Skirt from Rizalman~ ^_^

So have you been shopping lately for Hari Raya Puasa?


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