5 Things to Look Forward to During the Football Season

The most anticipated soccer event of the year is just less than a week away! I’m not a huge fan but I know many of those around me who are going to be involved in the football fever and latenight screenings.
That doesn’t mean that I have to miss out on the fun though - here are some of things I’ll be looking forward to for the next few weeks ahead:

1. The Atmosphere
The timing of the matches this time around is set to be more irregular, with the group stage matches all occurring earliest at midnight in Singapore. Thus, the usual places such as Clarke Quay will be quiet, with a number of bars not opening past their normal operating hours. There’s still hope to catch some of that football fever though, sites like TimeOut Singapore have listed great places to go to absorb the lively atmosphere, watch the match and have some good beer grub at the same time!

2. Social Gatherings
What better way to use this opportunity to invite your friends over/ go over to a friend’s place and have some bonding time with friends? Whether you’re a soccer fan or not, it’s a good excuse to catch up with your buddies by having a house party.

3. Hot bods to look out for
Footballers and WAGs. Who said you had to pick a Top 10 list of all the hottest footballers on the planet? With the best footballers congregating on screen for your viewing pleasure, you won’t be short of eye candy for the next month!

4. Winning Bets
While the detriments of gambling should always be emphasized, it’s always fun to have a friendly wager (or three) on who’s going to win that next match with your best buds – adds to the excitement of watching eleven men chasing a ball on a field, doesn’t it? Well, at least I know my man would definitely be more excited over the ticket than the match.. lolx~

5. Having a ‘Girl’s Night Out’
I’m even considering organizing a few sleepover sessions with my girlfriends when the guys are busy with their matches even though I had a choice of either joining the guys, eat chips and cheer together with them but it also seems like the perfect time to finally have that manicure session and catch up on the latest news-worthy gossip.

Do you guys have any interesting plans for the upcoming football season?
Share with me by commenting below! 


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