Uncover Your Skin Age with SK-II Magic Ring

Recently, I went down to one of the SK-II beauty counters for a skin analysis.
What SK-II uses for the skin test is the latest in their line-up of breakthrough beauty technology across the years, a state-of-the-art skin analysis device named the Magic Ring™.

Here's how the Magic Ring looks like.

And here's how the skin test is done... After which it captures an image of one part of the face and project it on their laptop screen, measuring the 5 skin conditions - texture, firmness, wrinkle resilience, even skin tone and radiance.

Here's some screen shots that I'd taken off from the screen.

My skin result is at 69%, an average score derived from the 5 skin condition results.

Breakdown of the 5 skin conditions are shown individually as well. I'm sure many would be amazed by how much this device can analysis.
Below shows the first 3 skin conditions - Texture Refinement, Firmness Power and Wrinkle Resilience.

Next is Spot Control and Radiance Enhancement.

Below shows an overall scoring of the 5 conditions and then my skin age based on the 5 results.
I had scored badly for the skin texture which, doesn't surprise me at all as I know that I've got pretty large visible pores.
Another point that I really need to look out for is my spot control. I have mild acne skin which usually becomes dark spots after it's healed and my skin are often exposed to the sun hence there are invisible sun spots hidden under the skin, awaiting to surface.

This kind of skin test isn't new to me. Infact I had done the full face analysis before and was kinda disappointed with my results which made me pretty paranoid about taking another skin test. Lolx~
However one good thing about SK-II Magic Ring is that, I can take the test with my makeup on! But of course, it is still best to do it without makeup as it will give us a more accurate analysis. ^_^

Nonetheless, I am pretty happy with the final skin age that Magic Ring gave me, that's because I'm actually older than my skin age. In other words, I look younger than my age! *dance in circles*

And now, it's your time to try the SK-II Magic Ring Skin Analysis! ^,^ Visit any SK-II beauty counters to get it tested for Free!~

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