Review: Dr Qu Hairlth Wash & Conditioner

I had been using Dr Qu's Haircare products for a month plus now. I must say, initially I wasn't amazed with the results but after 2 - 3 weeks, I'm loving it!
Read on to find out why I feel so! ^_^

Dr Qu Hairlth Wash
To know more about Dr Qu's products and about Demodex, read my introductory post.

Below shows 3 full pumps amount of shampoo. It is liquidy and dispenses easily from the bottle.

Dr Qu Hairlth Wash is really easy to lather and foams very quickly, therefore it take me less than a minute to finish shampooing and rinse it out.
I usually won't shampoo for too long and only focus on the scalp as that's what shampoo-ing is all about - cleansing the scalp. I don't shampoo hair ends as it will get tangled and dry after rinsing. I only let the water run through the hair ends during rinsing and that would be enough to wash off the dirt from them.
During washing, I can feel that the foam gets in between the hair and cleanses really well, removing all the dirt and grease. It's very important for me that a shampoo does its job well in cleansing off the grease and sebum produced by my scalp so that my hair won't look all limp, oily and flat after drying.
However, by using only the Hairlth Wash alone would make my hair feel dry at the ends so I still require conditioner to smooth it up. I actually tried using the Hairlth Wash in combine with other kinds of conditioner besides Dr Qu's Hairlth Conditioner and it gave me different results which I'll be explaining it later in this post. ^_^

Dr Qu Hairlth Wash on dog
Baby, my old shih tzu dog modelling for Dr Qu Hairlth Wash... naked. (lolx~) Why I use Dr Qu Hairlth Wash on Baby is because demodex not only lives on human bodies, it is also found in dogs and (less commonly) in cats. Same thing, demodex lives within lumen of hair follicles be it in human or in animals. For Baby, she has skin problem ever since young and experienced loss of hair and skin rashes before, so I thought that Dr Qu  Hairlth Wash would be good for her.

For a small size dog, I use more than just 3 full pumps. In fact it is about 10 pumps because of her coat. After bathing her, I blow dry her coat and she look fluffy.

Her coat is so much cleaner, doesn't look sticky or greasy like how she usually does when I use the normal pet shampoo.
When I touched her belly (the area where bare skin shows the most) it feels dry, not greasy or sticky too. After bathing she still scratches her body (lolx~ she scratches too when she's excited) but she appear less irritated by the itchiness. Of course, to know if it works good for her I'll need to keep using it on her for more than 2 weeks. Some would say that it's a waste of shampoo when used on pets but certain pet products especially the holistic ones are about the same price range too so I don't feel there's any difference to use this on my pets, so long it can be used on them. ^_^
(Disclaimer: Seek advice from your vet before using Dr Qu's products on your pets.)

Dr Qu Hairlth Conditioner
Remember I'd talked about how to differentiate Hairlth Shampoo from Conditioner? It's by the transparency of the bottle. 

For Hairlth Conditioner, I usually use 5 full pumps of it to just smooth my hair ends. My hair which is now chest length is very dry at the ends because of numerous bleaching and dyeing process done in the past. The conditioner just like any other conditioner has a gelish cream texture.

At first I find that my hair ends don't feel smooth and silky at all when I spread the conditioner on it, maybe because I was too used to using conditioners that instantly make my hair feeling silky and that my fingers can run through them without any tangles. But for Dr Qu's Hairlth Conditioner, it is totally different.
During and after conditioning, my hair tangle like hell and makes it harder for me to spread it on every single strand of my hair. After rinsing though, my hair is sooo smooth! My hair don't feeling very silky but it sure ain't feel greasy.
This is also probably the first time I emptied a conditioner faster than I could finish using the shampoo. The conditioner is totally non-greasy and that's why I feel that I always need minimum 5 pumps to condition my dry hair ends.
I tried Dr Qu Hairlth Wash with other conditioners because I wanted to spend less time in the bathroom but more often than not, other conditioners make my hair feel heavy, greasy and limp after half a day even though I don't use them on my scalp at all. Unlike Dr Qu Hairlth Conditioner, although it can't make my hair really silky but it is smooth enough and doesn't really tangle much when I comb my hair plus it does not weigh my hair down.

Overall Review
Why I mentioned that I wasn't amazed with the initial result is because I don't see or feel any difference for the first week except the fact that my scalp immediately stop itching. Before using Dr Qu, my scalp feels itchy and flaky. After few days of using Dr Qu Hairlth Wash, no more itchiness and flakiness.. and that's it
Only after 2-3 weeks later, I could feel and see the difference.
My hair no longer grease up easily, it no longer appear shiny when I look at my hair in the mirror and it feel volumnize and fluffy too. This last the whole day until even after midnight when my last wash is actually the night before. Imagine that!
When I run my fingers through my hair, it doesn't tangle, feels dry yet moisturized, not sticky or oily.
I can't say that my hair has grown in terms of volume or my receding hairline problem has been resolved because they didn't, however I don't see that I'm losing more hair than usual. Yet I'm already very happy with the results that Dr Qu hair products has given me.

Baby: "I want more Dr Qu products!"

Dr Qu Hairlth Wash (300ml) SGD$51
Dr Qu Hairlth Conditioner (300ml) SGD$54

Where to buy?
Available at Yue Hwa Emporium and Strangelets (Yong Siak Street)



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