Review: Vita Hair Supplement for Hair Thinning, Hair Loss & Grey Hair

Quite sometime ago, I had been taking hair supplement to strengthen my hair follicles in a way to also prevent hair loss.
As most of you know, hair loss maybe due to many reasons such as aging, change in hormones, bacteria growth on scalp, stress, unhealthy diet etc... So I feel there's a need for me to prevent my already thin hair to become even thinner which may be caused by all these reasons.
Besides using suitable shampoo, hair treatment and conditioner, I take a step further by also consuming hair supplement that prevents hair loss.

About Vita Hair
Hair loss and graying are seen as signs of aging, yet frequently they can strike in early adulthood. Hair growth is affected by our hormones, which can be easily upset by factors such as menopause or pregnancy. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, deficiencies in the blood can also take a heavy toll on hair’s health. Western medicine offers no real answers, but fortunately there is a safe, reliable and effective alternative. Vita Hair helps to halt hair loss and graying of the hair with a blend of potent herbs formulated according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. These improve nutritional supply to the hair follicles, regulate hormones and strengthen the kidneys. Vita Hair can also restore graying hair to its original color by stimulating the cells that produce pigmentation. Since even healthy hair grows very slowly, it is recommended you take Vita Hair continuously for three to six months in order to see an improvement.
Suitable for both male & female.

Problems of Hair Loss and Grey Hair

Fleece Flower, Lingzhi (Reishi), Mohanlian, Roucongrong, Nuzhenzi, Guijia or Guiban, Chinese Angelica or Dong Quai, Tusizi, Niuxi.
Product manufactured in Hong Kong.

Product Expiry stamped on bottom of box.

Box packaging sealed with Vita Green sticker.

Vita Hair capsules bottle. Expiry date is also stamped on this bottle too for easy reference.

Double sealed under the cover too. Vitagreen & Vitahair words printed on the capsules just incase you got mixed up with the other supplement you eat. ^_^

I had taken all 3 bottles and each bottle lasted me about 1.5 month so I finished all 3 bottles only after 4.5 months. Slower than planned because at times I had forgotten to take the supplement when I'm busy, but I still consume them at least every alternate days.
After taking Vita Hair, I find:
- the capsules are very small, I can take 3 at one go
- best not to have the pills left inside mouth for too long as it'll start to taste pretty weird ^^"
- my receding front hairline is still the same
- hair loss percentage is slightly lesser during bath time
- even though hair doesn't seem to be growing around my front hairline area, but there's difference in hair thickness
- hair feels thicker than before (most obviously felt when I tie them up)
- hair looks very black (apart from my recent black dyed hair, the newly grown ones are very black too)
- hair looks very healthy, smooth and shiny
- scalp sometimes feel a little dry
- no body/ face allergies
- lesser white hair (I don't pluck them so when my hair grows out, I'll know if it's the existing white hair or additional one)
I found out that when I purposely stopped taking Vita Hair for a period of time (about 1-2 weeks), my hair feels lighter and as I tie them up, I can feel that the hair volume is lesser too. Not sure if I'm thinking too much, but I had tried it a few rounds it always end up with the same results.
However with Vita Hair, I can confirm that my hair feels thicker and heavier too. I'm not sure where exactly the extra hair comes from, not that I could see new hair sprouting out from my scalp (lolx!~) but I'm pretty happy with the results it gave me. ^_^

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