Obsessed with Steve Madden Shoes

Obsession Obsession... Well, this word kinda reminds me of G-Dragon's song 'Obsession'.
I bet everyone are obsessed with at least 1 thing. For me, it is several things.
Leggies (as in leggings, tights etc.) are my favourties and I can't seem to stop buying them. 2nd on the list has gotta be shoes. Of course, not forgetting to mention clothings too... any kind that range from tops to skirts to dresses.
Obsessed with shoes are a pretty common thing for most ladies. But what about the style that I'm obsessed with?

Well, here's one brand that I like from ZALORA Singapore because it's MY kinda style - STEVE MADDEN.
Looking at them makes me want to buy them all!

So what's my style? Pretty simple for me, designs that make use of studs, eyelets, chains.... and then more studs! Lolx~ They look awesome aren't they? Using metallic decos on shoes are my kinda style.

And heavily studded one is one that I can't resist!

Eyelets yessssss.... Do you love them too? ^_^

Chains anyone? ^_^

Eyelets go nice with any kinda of colours~

You may wonder, with my height at 175cm do I still wear heels? HELL YEAH!~ Frankly speaking, I love heels. I normally go for heels that are at least 4cm high (but prob wont go beyond 10cm) because that is the minimum height that will make my legs looking nice & toned when I wear them. And if I go for flats, I must make sure that they are attention seeking enough, just like these pair of boots. hahahx~ ^,^
Oh yah, boots are also another one of my obsession. Especially the knee high ones. If only I don't live in Singapore where weather is so hot... I would probably own a closet full of leather boots... hahax~

There are times when I wana tone down a little, I'll go for beige, pink or mint heels/ flats like this pair of Steve Madden SWGLORIA platform heels.

However I feel that I don't look so good in chunky heels because of my height and my skinny ankles so I'll normally pick slimmer heels like this pair of SWDEENY. Ankle straps are also my kinda thing. I like shoes and heels that are strappy as I feel more secure when I'm in them as well as being able to camoflauge my skinny ankles and my not-so-nice looking skin (eg, varicose veins, cat scratch scars & what not.. lolx~^^").

So what's your obsession? Do share! ^_^


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