Introducing Dr Qu Haircare Line

It is probably my first time ever (or prob first few) using products that are Made in Singapore. 
Yesh you heard it right... Dr Qu products are made in Sg! Gota be very proud of Sg brands since we hardly have products that are made or manufactured in this little red dot. ^,^/~
Dr Qu infact carries a pretty wide range of skin and hair care products and this time I was given a set of the haircare products to try.

About Dr Qu
Prof. Qu Kui Zun,the man who through discipline and dedication spent 50 years researching for an answer to perfect skincare.
Orignated from China, he was the Chief Physician in Qingdao University of China and Chief Professor in Qingdao Dermatological Institute. 
Professor Qu made revolutionary breakthrough in the field of Dermatology. His research findings in Demodex, a parasite natural mite, led him onto developing a successful formula combining natural herbs and technology. The Dr Qu skincare range provides nourishment to the skin and hair while restoring it to its original colour and natural beauty. It also helps to slow down the skin cell aging process.

Dr Qu is a skincare brand that is highly sought after in countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand and USA. It's call to fame is its ability to heal skin from problems caused by Demodex (a hair follicle mite) like acne rosacea, eczema, other skin irritations, fungal diseases and hair loss. In a survey conducted, it was found that 97.68% of adult males and female have Demodex.

All Dr Qu products are manufactured in Singapore and its products have undergone stringent checks and have received the stamp of approval from Japanese and American authorities, guaranteeing it as a safe product of quality. Dr Qu's skincare range is available for the face, body and hair.

About Demodex
Demodex is a little-known parasite, living in the hair follicles and sebaceous glands of human and animal. It can pass through hair follicle pores freely and reproduce very fast within 14 days. It is also known as the Hair Follicle Mite.
Demodex Folliculorum pokes into hair follicles, sucks out the nutrients and those at the root of the hair. Consequently, the hair follicles become enlarged and infected. The final result is hair loss and inflammation of the surrounding tissue.
Demodex Brevis feeds on the nutrients in the sebaceous glands. As a result, the sebaceous glands become infected and inflammed.
When both Demodex are present, the damage can be substantial. Demodex breeds and multiples fast (2 weeks) and as a result, caused the pores to enlarge leaving the skin rough and even inflammed.

Acne Rosacea is therefore caused by increasing Demodex activity. If the Demodex are too numerous, they will widely damage the tissues and lead to skin disease.  There will be lost of skin tissue nutrients, enlarged pores. Therefore, roughening the skin and affecting  the beauty of the skin.

Demodex can only be found on the face and head.  There is no demodex found in new born babies who will get infected from feeding from his mother’s skin and infestation increase gradually over the years. Close contact of family members is the most easy way of transmitting demodex. This could be termed as a “family transmitted” parasite.

Dr Qu products help to:
- inhibit demodex, preventing them from causing damage to the skin
- prevent demodex infection
- provide nourishment to skin and hair
- help slow down  skin cell aging
- restore skin's original colour and natural beauty

Dr Qu Products
In Dr Qu's website Epremaz, there are facial, body and hair range and in each range, there are several products available. Do check them out! ^_^ (▼click)

Dr Qu Hairlth Wash
Herbal based and enriched with nutrients to enhance hair and scalp metabolism, strengthens immunity and keeping it healthy. It also contains effective anti-dandruff properties and hair conditioner.
Hairlth Wash comes in a simple white pump bottle with a wide base that prevents bottle from tilting or falling when you're using it.

Direction for use and Ingredients stated on the box packaging.

 Product made in Singapore.
Attention: Those with dry skin are advised to use less, however those with oily skin can use as often as they want. It is suitable for the whole family, and different age groups.

Dr Qu Hairlth Conditioner
Natural herbal based conditioning product, designed to provide lasting protection and vital hydration to hair on a day to day basis.
Engineered to give you maximum protection against damage from UV radiation, heat, chemical treatments and daily styling, through quick and easy application. Dr Qu Hairth Conditioner actively replenishes the vitality and health of hair and consistently prevents hair loss (especially Demodex related), breakage and split ends. By nourishing both hair and follicles with our natural international award winning Demodicin formula, Dr Qu Hairth Conditioner not only prevents hinders the growth of Demodex, but also reinforces and strengthens the structure and roots of your hair, to improve quality and manageability and provides extra shine and gloss to your daily look.
Regardless how stressed and damaged your hair may be, you can always walk into tomorrow with your hair in perfect condition; silky and smooth, protected and ready for what every day has to offer (PH-value 4.5 +/-).
Hairlth Conditioner also comes in a white pump bottle like the Hairlth Wash but it's more translucent.

Direction for use and Ingredients stated on the box packaging. 

Quite hard to make out the words on the bottle since it is embossed and the colour is the same as the bottle. The only 1 thing I can differentiate conditioner from wash is by the bottle translucency . ^_^"
Attention: For extremely dry or damaged hair, it may be highly beneficial and recommended to condition and lather for a longer period of time or more than once after rinsing. Dr Qu Hairth Conditioner is designed to provide extra protection and hydration and will actively repair hair and follicles effectively through such use.

I had started using both Dr Qu Hairlth Wash & Conditioner. I will be providing a full review of both the products. Headsup, there will also be pictures of my dog too in my upcoming review. Do keep a lookout for it~ ^_^

Dr Qu Hairlth Wash (300ml) SGD$51
Dr Qu Hairlth Conditioner (300ml) SGD$54

Where to buy?
Available at Yue Hwa Emporium and Strangelets (Yong Siak Street)



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