Review: Theraclear Acne Therapy at The Rafflesian Clinic & Surgery (3rd - 5th Session)

Heyo! Here I am sitting inside Rafflesian Clinic again for my 3rd session of Theraclear treatment. This was actually taken last year Nov-Dec. As there were way too many pictures, so it took me quite sometime to compile all of them. Just a headsup for all of you who want to follow my Theraclear journey, there'll be about 2-3 more blog posts after this! So do follow through ok? ^_^

As I'd reviewed in my previous blog post, my skin had gotten a lot better after only 2 sessions but I still have a minor spots here and there so I'll need to continue with the sessions in order to achieve clearer skin. Well, that is why I go for Theraclear isn't it? ^_^

A preview of my skin before my 3rd session of Theraclear. So much clearer now... simply love the smooth skin~

Oh no, something nasty just appear on my nose this time!

My 3rd Theraclear Session
Dr Janice said that my skin had cleared up alot and during this session, she did the lowest shot counts with Theraclear, meaning I had not much gunk left on my skin. Everywhere except my nose that is. hahax.. It's always been my nose as it's often oily on my T-zone. The pores are big and tends to trap dirt easily with the sebum that's in my pores. Therefore you can see all the whitish oil oozing out from my nose. (Do be prepared to see something more nastier than this...)

Blood! Well, that's the exact spot that I got my zit. Once Theraclear had vacuumed the sebum that's trapped under the inflamed skin, all that is left is only a small little wound. It is definitely a lot faster, more hygienic and less harming to our skin compare to zit-squeezing method. Best of all, it won't leave dark scars after that. ^,^ (Just like the old scars I have on my jaw... itchy fingers *slaps own hands)

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Taken these pictures at home after the session. The little rectangular marks left from the Theraclear treatment will usually go off after a few hours.

The spot on my jaw. I already have this inflammation during my 2nd visit, now it is slightly dried.

Red marks on my forehead is actually sensitive skin.

I accidentally applied hairdye on my forehead and the skin became sensitive, so it turned red when Theraclear was used on that area.
After my 3rd session of Theraclear Acne Therapy, my skin became really smooth & clear for almost a week and all the spots subsided. 
Thereafter, I decided to change my skincare regimen. I turned to use a richer kind of anti-aging skincare. Wrong move. Before I knew it, my skin starts to pop up new pimples again. sigh~

After a week, I went back to do Theraclear but with a not so healthy skin this time due to the new spots and inflammations caused by a change in my skincare regimen.

One hidden under the skin for the longest time had started to raise above the skin and get bigger this time.

Jawline and neck were affected too.

As you can see, my skin becomes oilier than before. Excessive sebum clogs my pores which causes all these inflammations.

Chin got it too!

My 4rd Theraclear Session
Besides using Theraclear to remove the excess sebum, Dr Janice did an extra treatment by removing the papillomas with electromagnetic cauterisation. A simple and quick way to clear the raised bumps where most of the sebum got trapped underneath.
This special treatment involves some kind of heat thus I do feel short jolt of pain for a few times, mostly bearable. Then I was immediately given the cool jet (machine that blows cool/cold air that helps lower the skin temperature) to ease that uncomfortable feeling. After it's done, serum is applied on the spots as well as masking to soothe the redness.

Luckily for that week, I wasn't going anywhere else so I stayed at home waiting for the treated areas  to heal by themselves. No medication involved, and I apply skincare as usual. These are taken at home after the session.

These small wounds will dry up after 4-5 days, turn into scabs and fall off by itself leaving a layer of fresh new skin.
Dr Janice suggested me to go back only after 2 weeks so during that period of time, I went back to my previous skincare regimen and stop using any rich creams so that my skin would not breakout again. All of the scabs had already fallen off by the 2nd week and wounds had turned into clear skin. There wasn't any scar left on my skin.

My 5th Theraclear + Revlite Session
After the papilloma had been cleared out, I went for my 5th Theraclear session.

I know this would totally freak many out because this little bugger resemblances a worm-like thingy. Notice that this is the exact same spot that Dr Janice had performed the electromagnetic cauterisation, and it has released out a monster after 2 weeks! I can't believe how long this had been hiding underneath my skin. The treatment really got all the awful 'creatures' climbing out of my skin.

And not forgetting the nose, once again... ^_^"

Specially for the Christmas season, the clinic prepared an awesome present for me: A new non-invasive laser therapy - the Revlite.

Revlite can do pretty much everything, from wrinkle reduction to tattoo removal to laser peel. You name it, they have it!

To know more about Revlite, view the video by Innomedasia:

So why was I given Revlite? 
Revlite mainly helps my skin in oil control, acne scars, rejuvenation, reduce wrinkles, sagging skin and eyebags as well as giving me a radiant skin.
Here's a short clip of Revlite treatment performed on my skin by Dr Janice Khoo.
During the treatment, my skin feels very warm almost hot and once again, cool jet enters the scene. With cool jet and Revlite together, my skin temperature goes back to normal and it doesn't hurt as much as the initial part. Best thing of all for Revlite is that my skin don't appear red or agitated right after the treatment ended. No downtime and I can even happily enjoy shopping or go back to work too!

After 1 day
Taken at home after a day. The red rectangular mark left from Theraclear treatment is still on my face but I totally don't have to worry that as I know it does no harm and will be gone soon.
Perhaps it is the first time I receive a skin laser therapy as I see amazing results almost immediately.

My skin is once again going back to normal, but even better. Yeah!~

On that day, I went out for a X'mas class gathering and put on makeup. Looking rather flawless~

I super like my smooth glowing skin! I even did a shoutout in this post. ^_^

And I thought I was the only one who felt that my skin is ultra smooth, silky and glowy. Nope! My classmate noticed it too! And its a He who noticed that. What's funnier was that he said that my pores became alot smaller while he stood about 3-4m away from me. hahax! Anyhoo, I still take that as a compliment! ^_^ *happy*
Doggy goes "AWMYGAWWWDDD You have awesome skin!" Lolx~

After 3 days
After another 3 days, a lot of my inflammations and spots cleared. The results from Theraclear + Revlite is really super amazing that I can't stop raving about it.

To read my review on Theraclear alone, click here.
Theraclear + Revlite is a super combo treatment. First, Theraclear extracts out all the gunk that I have inside my pores and flashes light to kill bacteria. Then Revlite helps in making my skin more plump and firm as well as reducing sebum production which in-turn helps in minimising pores too. That is why the skin feels so ultra smooth. Without the oily skin, it reduce the chances of acne from popping up on my face.
Oh, did I also forgot to mention that Revlite helps to reduce my laugh lines too? My face feels so plumped that I totally forgotten about my laugh/smile lines which I find them rather unsightly before the treatment. The reason being.. I'd aged quite alot (I'm way off from 25 already ok! ^^"). I'm already experiencing sagging skin, lack of elasticity, collagen, no more V-face and what not. I am so super glad that there's Revlite to the rescue!

Thanks for reading! Do follow me for more updates of my Theraclear treatment results.

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