Review: Tahpre Cosmetics 5-Free Skincare

I had been using Tahpre skincare products for quite a long time now.. I was suppose to review them earlier but I haven't got to finish the Dream Cream so I thought I should finish it first before reviewing~ ^_^
To know more about Tahpre, do read my introduction post on them as well as my shoutout during end 2013.

Wake-Up Call (Refreshing Toner)
All of Tahpre products are stored in pump type glass bottles to prevent product deterioration.

Very watery, slides down my cheek when I pump it on my face. This is just a demonstration to let you guys see the swatches, I don't usually apply toner like that. hahahx..~
- really nice fragrance
- very watery, feels just like the normal water texture
- lightweight
- absorbs into skin really quickly and leaves no traces of glossiness or whatsoever
- totally non-greasy at all
- feels soothing and a little refreshing
- pretty hydrating
- doesn't sting/burns
I usually apply with cotton pad because it basically is like water, doesn't have the slippery gel-ish texture hence it cannot be applied by bare hands as it will flow and drip everywhere.
When using cotton pad, I pumped quite alot of amount that is why among all the products, this is the first one to empty.

The Victory (Moisturising Lotion)
Same size as the toner at 110ml. I find the content is quite alot. I would rather have the lotion slightly smaller in size or toner bigger in size. I can never see myself finishing this bottle of lotion. Lolx~

Lotion doesn't feel greasy, pretty lightweight and easily spread out. (click to enlarge)
- basically all of the 4 tahpre products smells pretty sweet and fragrant
- lightweight non-greasy lotion
- blends and absorbs by the skin very fast (normally I use 2 pumps to apply on my face in the morning before makeup)
- helps matifying my skin surface
- skin feels a little bit minty and refreshing
- feels soft & supple immediately
- after it's totally been absorbed into skin, the skin has this squeaky kind of feeling (causes friction when I run my fingers across the skin surface)
- non-greasy and not drying too
- helps keeping my U-zone acne at bay
- minimizes my T-zone from becoming oily
- overall face look & feel less oily than before
- lotion doesn't have the matifying kind of texture after application but I feel that it helps matify my skin from the inside!
- non-oily skin lasts for a good 10 hours
- doesn't make my skin dry, hydrates well enough
- no allergies
Usually my skin is always very shiny especially at T-zone area where sebum keep pumping out like nobody's business. With The Victory lotion, I find that it overall reduce sebum secretion by a little, but more so when I skip using sunblock entirely. (sunblock always give me lots of shine!)
A really nice lotion to have if you have oily and acne-prone skin like me. ^_^

Mind Reader (Night Revitalising Essence)  
3-in-1 essence is more of a night essence for me as I use the lotion in the morning.

Essence is pretty watery as you can see, it flows down from my cheek.
- nice sweet scent
- lightweight
- after spreading it out, feels quite sticky
- after it's been fully absorbed by the skin, it has a tiny bit sticky after-feel
- appears a little bit glossy on my face right after application
- feels a little bit minty and cooling
- feels moisturising
- after a while, skin surface starts to look glossy and kinda greasy on the T-zone (I will blot with tissue if it looks really shiny)
- usually use it only at night as it can't help to control the sebum production on my skin
- can be used directly after washing face without the toner, it still helps to hydrate my skin and not make it feel drying
- no allergies
- experience a few spots along jawline
- when used before makeup, it can't help to control my T-zone from producing sebum thus it looks really shiny only after an hour or 2
Even though it appears to be pretty lightweight, but I find that it is rather rich for skin like mine. Best recommended for those who have normal to dry skin type. If applied on dry areas, it will feel very very smooth & supple, hence I applied on my hands and legs when I found out that it is too rich for my oily face. (And that's why the packaging is a lady flaunting her legs....? Lolx~ just joking!)

Dream Cream (Peptide Cream) 
Last but not least, the dream cream... my dream cream indeed! hahhax~

An extra lid under the cover. Note that I usually use spatula to dig out the content from jar. Don't use fingers to dig them out as our hands are full of bacteria! It will make the product deteriorate even faster plus you are basically applying bacteria on your face.. which may lead to more acne if you already have them.

White gel-ish kind of cream. Has slight matifying texture.
Product at 50ml only, I still spent quite a long time to finish one jar because a little goes a long way.
- smells a little different from the rest, has slight rubbery scent to it
- thick gel-ish cream consistency yet feels lightweight at the same time
- doesn't feel greasy at all
- when skin starts to absorb the cream, skin surface will appear matified and it no longer feel sticky
- absorbs into skin really fast (comparable to the lotion)
- right after application, skin immediately firms up
- causes friction when I run my fingers along the skin after cream is fully absorbed into skin
- but after washing my hands and touching my face again, it feels really smooth, supple and matte
- less visible pores after using dream cream
- doesn't interfere with my base makeup (no flakes or cakey)
- goes very well together with the lotion as both will make my face look matte and less oily
- can be used on my neck (since my neck is also prone to acne, I seldom use creams on it except for those which are non-comedogenic)
- used as an eye cream and find it not as good as it is being used on other parts of the face
- doesn't help in minimising the dry lines around my eyes
- helps a lot in minimising my forehead lines and overall skin firming
- no allergies
- acne still look about the same
I had seen significant improvements on my forehead lines and overall skin feels firm. I wanted more but I think my skin probably is aging faster than I thought it is.. My laugh lines still look about the same, as well as my droopy eyes.
However there are a few other reasons that I love using dream cream. As I'd already mentioned, I like the way it doesn't make my skin shine. I can just splat on dream cream and walk around the mall for half a day and my skin still looks ok. Probably a tiny bit of shine on my nose but that would be all.
It'll be best if I use The Victory lotion together with Dream Cream. Next, it helps seal in moisture underneath it. That's to say, whatever products I use before Dream Cream, it could help seal them in keeping my skin hydrated PLUS still make my skin look matte. lolllx~
For oily skin like mine, matifying factor is like a must. But to be able to matify, firm and hydrates... not any kind of cream can do it. I would say get a jar of Dream Cream Please~ ^o^

Tahpre Wake-up Call (110ml) SGD$31.90
Tahpre Dream Cream (50ml) SGD$65.90
Tahpre Mind Reader (50ml) SGD$54.90
Tahpre The Victory (110ml) SGD$34.90

Where to buy?
Tahpre Singapore Website



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