Review: SkinBiotics Even+Whiter Skin Booster

For the past month, I had been taking SkinBiotics Even+Whiter skin booster to achieve fairer and even skin tone.
Besides being able to make me fair, this formula can also reduce blemishes.
I received this pack from a Watsons event and only began to consume when I saw my face looking rather dull and darker in shade. 

About SkinBiotics
SkinBiotics is a revolutionary nutri-beauty system personalized to individual skin conditions' needs.
As a leading brand in nutricosmetics, SkinBiotics’ range of products are recognized for its effectiveness and excellence not only by consumers but also by scientists, aestheticians and dermatologists around the world for providing anti-aging and beauty benefits from the inside out.
Read more about SkinBiotics here.
Product made in USA.

For every pack, there is expiry date stamped at the bottom of the box. On the top of the box is the perforating tab for ease of use.

Total of 21 capsules which are in cute pearl pink.

Manufacturing dates stamped at the bottom of the foils.

Look at how cute these pinkish capsules are! I feel happy just to eat them everyday.. lolx~
As I had 'trained' myself in consuming multiple supplements at one go for about a year now, so big capsules like these are not a problem for me. It may look a little bit on the large side for some of you who don't really like consuming pills (kinda like me... 1 year+ ago, i super hate taking pills!) so do prepare alot of water before consuming. ^_^
Here's what I feel when taking the skin booster:
- has some kind of weird taste (but not yucky kind) when the capsule starts melting on my tongue before I swallow
- slides through my throat easily as the capsule becomes slippery when in touch with water
- during the first round, my skin still looks the same on the first 2 days
- on the 3rd day, my face look really bright and appear so much fairer
- blemishes remains pretty much the same throughout, didn't get anymore worst than before
- no allergies
After I saw my skin looking much fairer, I was so happy that I stopped taking the skin booster for a few days and then my skin (especially face) turns dull & dark again.
I did not take it continuously for 21 days, instead I took it only when I see that my skin looks kinda dull and appear darker than it used to be.
So far my experience was that when I took it consecutively for 3-5 days, my skin turns fairer and when I stopped, it lasts a few days before my skin look dull again.
After about 10 pills, I decided to consume it everyday until I finish all of them.
Thereafter I find that my skin remains fair (but not as fair & radiant like the first round) all the way, once awhile still look slightly dull when I didn't have much sleep or was feeling really tired.
Probably most would see results with long term consumption but for me it works within days but its effect doesn't last long on me once I stop taking them.
To be fair, the effects that other supplement give usually last only for awhile too and that is why we need to keep taking them to maintain. ^_^

SkinBiotics Even+Whiter Skin Booster SGD$89

Where to buy?
Watsons (Singapore)

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