Review: L’Oréal Paris Excellence Fashion Sapphire Black

Hey'al!~ It's been quite sometime since the last time I dyed my hair which I used L'Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion hair colour too but in Golden Nude Brown. Thereafter my black hair has grown to a length of about 15 over cm which became really unsightly plus Chinese New Year (Feb 2014) was coming so I quickly took out 2 boxes of Sapphire Black to do some touch ups.
This time I guess I need not do tutorial since I had done it in the previous round. ^_^ I'll just show the look of my hair after using Sapphire Black! ^,~

To know more about L’Oréal Paris Excellence Fashion Sapphire Black, read my introductory post.

Similar to the previous one, just in different colour.

Remember to always do patch test if you think you may be sensitive towards hair dyes.

Nice~ Gloves included!

As my hair have grown to almost chest length, I had to go to the salon to trim it before DIY dyeing it so that I won't look like a mad woman.... lolx~
This is Dylan, leading hair stylist from evolve Salon. He has been styling my hair for a few years now.. I trust him when comes to hair dyeing and as for hair cutting... unless I specifically instruct him to do a certain style for me, otherwise he will use my head as a model and do crazy things with it! Lolllx!~ Anyhoo, he's extremely experienced and fun person to talk to!
▼ Before..... ▶ After cutting!

Preparing for DIY hair dye~ Cape's on! Ohmy, i spotted white hair!
Ahhh~ My dry dry hair ends~

As mentioned before, I don't use the comb applicator that comes with the hairdye. I got my own bowl and I squeezed both Protective Creme Colorant and Creme Developer into it, then mix it with my own hairdyeing brush.

Sapphire Black indeed! During application it was all black in colour and then it turned blu-ish black after sometime.

Opps! Problem with DIY.. I always make a mess with the dye.. hahahax~

Thanks for Dylan's tips, I managed to do a two-tone for my hair! YEAH!~ \^o^/ But so sorry that I can't say how I did this because it is suppose to be Dylan's secret tips! =P~ hehheex~

Top view from front

And top view from back... ok, no difference.. lolx.. But my white hair's gone!

The dusty blonde hair ends are  my old hair colour actually. I didn't do anything to it, but somehow the sapphire black had bleed downwards so some of the parts look greyish instead of yellowish blonde.

One bad point about dyeing black is because of this... my glove somehow got torn in the process and the dye stained my hand and not forgetting to mention that it also stained my ears, side of my face and neck... *sigh~*

Taken in the day so to show you a clearer picture of my two-tone hair.

See what I mean by the bleeding? But I find it pretty cool though.. black-grey-yellow-orange, 4 colours in total! hahahx~
Apart from the stains which is a pain because I need to wait about a week for it to fade off, Sapphire Black hair colour is infact very very black and stays awesomely well. Until now, which is already 1.5 months from the very day I dyed it, my hair is still very black. (Take a look at my recent LOTD) Another good thing is that the greyish part washed off after a few weeks and turned back to my original yellow bleached hair. ^^
Once my friend said I looked like I wore a black wig and another friend asked me was my hair highlighted in blue because she saw blue on my black hair. Well well, the latter one have really good eyesight! Not many can spot the blue actually, even myself! hahhax~
It's really nice to go back black again but many of my friends commented that they are so not used to seeing me with black hair! Lolx!~ Anyhoo, I will still be dyeing it brown or light brown in the future. kekkeex~ ^▽^

So... how do you like my hair?

L’Oréal Paris Excellence Fashion 1.10 Sapphire Black SGD$18.90

Where to buy?
Watsons, Guardian, major supermarkets and hypermarkets and selected departmental stores.

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