Pioneer Superior Club Sound Headphones x Inspiring Designers Collaboration

Headphones to me are a necessity but are also part of my fashion\. Of course not forgetting that they must have awesome sounds too. As for the technical part, I mostly leave it to the brands that I trust and Pioneer is one of them.

This evening, Pioneer is launching a designer collaboration aimed at transforming their headphones into platforms for showcasing the works of promising Asian designers working in fashion design and graphic design fields.
The showcase will be held at Far East Square from today till Saturday, 22nd March 2014.

Pioneer has selected to collaborate with four Singapore designers: Depression, FrüFrü & Tigerlily, Mash-up and Possi-tilly-ty presenting some of their most characteristic works on two of the Superior Club Sound series headphones for this edition of Pioneer Designer Capsule Collaboration.


FrüFrü & Tigerlily
Side note: I'm a fan of Mash-up label! Hehehhex~ Follow them @ their IG!


In addition, Pioneer has also invited three other designers in the region: Pestle & Mortar from Malaysia, Proudrace and 13 Lucky Monkey from the Philippines, all known for incorporating subcultures into their designs.

Man, I really love subculture fashion! Be it for men or women! b(^_^)d
Pestle & Mortar

13 Lucky Monkey


The project aims at searching through different fashion disciplines of design to find fresh ideas that are in line with the Pioneer’s innovative brand spirit. One of the key principles of the project is the freedom that Pioneer has given designers by encouraging them to present the work that most interests them and sets them apart as artists.

What's in for you?
The Radikal Forze (RF) Jam Weekend with a string of the hottest freestyle, hiphop, house dancers and B-Boys from all over the world, this ground-thumping line-up of DANCE@LIVE is sure to set hearts, and eyes fluttering.

The Pioneer Designer Collaboration will be showcased at Asia’s freshest street dance festival, the RF Jam from 21 to 22 March 2014 at Far East Square, the Glass Pavilion.


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