Event: The Body Shop Spring Trend Collection 2014 With New Limited Edition Hair Chalk

This spring, The Body Shop not only launched a series of new makeup but also released the hero of the collection - Limited Edition Hair Chalks.

Let us now take a look at the 6 pretty makeup for face and for hair!

Play with Colour and complete the look! Hair Chalks are part of the NEW Spring Trend Collection from The Body Shop which include complementary shades of best-selling shimmer cubes and lip glosses.

Shimmer Cubes Palette
The 2 shades for Spring 2014 is #26 (Pink) and #30 (Gold).

Close-up. Soooooooo shimmery!

#26 (Pink) is pretty light in shade as compare to #30 (Gold). Both are very shimmery and glittery.

Lip Gloss
To compliment the shimmer cubes, here's #12 (Vanilla) and #53 (Rose) shade lip glosses!

Hair Chalk
This year's trend is hair makeup! After all the hooha over dip dye hair, here comes the hair chalk era!
The Body Shop Hair Chalk is available in two hair-raising shades:
Tickle Me Pink, a playful pink that pops on blondes and Falling For Blue, a bright blue that’s electric on brunettes. A perfect way to brighten up your hair without permanent colour commitment.

Pink and blue, blue and pink... It is the most compatible couple!

Close-up of the hair chalk.

Opps! Sorry for the 'hair-y' swatch... ^_^"

How to use?
Step 1: Place a towel around your shoulders to protect your clothes.
Step 2: Gather a section of hair, place the colour pad on top with your thumb underneath and glide down to the tip.
Step 3: Seal with hairspray. To remove, wash out with shampoo.

miwitch's Hair Chalk Trial
At the event, I tried out the hair chalks~ I like having my hair done in pretty colours!~ ^_^

It's pretty hard for me to angle my camera when someone's doing my hair for me.. so here's one that was taken by Shuzk meng! ^,^ Sankyu!
Apparently, we used quite a few pieces of tissues because the hair need to be sandwiched between the hair chalk and the thumb. To prevent the thumb from getting all the hair chalk, we used tissue instead. Note that the pigments can get all over the hands, on cape and even some on the floor. Gota be careful during application! I suggest to do it in the bathroom as that's what I do when applying the hair chalk myself. ^,^

After the event, took selfie with Shuzk meng~ ^▽^

Here's a pic of my hair after I'd returned home.. the hair chalk colour is still intact, the pigments didn't fall or fade off. *thumbs up* And it matches my top yah? ^_^

Me trying to take a pic with Mimi but he entirely ignored me... so I had do this (^3^)  kekekex~

The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes Palette (4x3.5g) SGD$36.90
The Body Shop Lip Gloss (12ml) SGD$16.90
The Body Shop Hair Chalk (3.8g) SGD$9.90

Where to buy?
Available at all The Body Shop stores.

The Body Shop Singapore Instagram


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