Review: PERFECT Black Pen Eyeliner

Alrighty peeps! The title of my blogpost may be pretty misleading.. I'm not saying this is THE perfect eyeliner, it's just that the brand is named 'PERFECT'! ^_^ Well now let's see how perfect this eyeliner is, shall we?

This smudge proof, water proof, quick dry, alcohol & paraben free black eyeliner is made in Germany. It was launched in Singapore this year January and had been selling pretty well since.
I must say, the packaging is really packed with details and it's aesthetically pleasing to my eyes because it has holographic prints. (lolx~ sucker for anything holo!)
With all these details shown to you, will you get the eyeliner? If it's me, most likely I will. ^_^

Ingredient list also on the box. Lifespan is 6 months from the time of opening.

Expiry date stamped on the box as well.

Perfect Black Pen Eyeliner
A concave textured grip zone is provided near the tip for better handling of the eyeliner. Though it maybe a good idea, but there's not much difference for me as I have no problem with handling any pen eyeliners so long they are straight and firm.

The applicator is felt tip type. It is a little flexible as it bends when pressed against.

The ink dispenses depending on the amount of force I apply. If it's lightly stroked across the skin, it will show up light and the ink will appear kinda gray instead of black. When I press it a little harder, the ink shows up really black.

Attempt to draw & shade a circle and what looks like a eyebrow shape...
As the applicator is felt tip, it will show slightly blurred edges unlike brush tip ones which will show sharp edges. One good point for Perfect's ink is that it doesn't spread at the edges at all! Some may spread almost immediately along the fine lines when drawn on wrinkly surfaces (like my dry skin here... ^_^") but this one doesn't!

Using the Perfect Black Pen Eyeliner, I created this look. (Posted this too in my CNY blogpost)
- applicator is pretty firm, not flimsy but flexible (it bends slightly at the tip when force is applied to it)
- easy to maneuver across my lashline without much tugging
- can produce very black ink when I press the loaded tip a little harder against the skin or simply by laying the tip almost parallel to the skin
- easy to achieve thick lines just by 1 stroke (nowadays I 'm intro thicker eyelines)
- hard to draw a sharp wing at the ends, they look quite blunt
- sometimes it produces black particles or residues when I do layering (can be brushed off or removed by tissue)
- waterproof & smudgeproof (for the line drawn on my upper lashline)
- washes off when I tear (for the line drawn on my lower lashline)
- it transfers a little to my double eyelid fold when my eyes become teary or my eyelids turn greasy (see the above 2 pics)
- doesn't irritate my eyes or eyelids
- don't feel prickly at all
- Easily removed by cleansing oil or eye makeup remover
Just as described on the packaging, it can take light drizzle and gentle touching without fading. If it goes under running water, it'll start to fade. But of course, you won't do that unless it's pouring and you have no brolly with you! Hahahx~
I'd tried drawing it on lower lashline but because my eyes are often teary, it doesn't stay on well and got washed out after few minutes.
I like how black the ink is and that it doesn't spread at the edges which make it a good black pen liner for temporary tattoos too! ^_^

PERFECT Black Pen Eyeliner SGD$15.90

Where to buy?
Department Stores: OG People’s Park, OG Albert Complex, JL Plaza SIngapura, JL Jurong Point, JL Marina Square


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