Review: Korea Color Bucket Hair Crayon Stylist

Have you noticed something really bright and colourful appearing at SaSa shelves lately? Well, they are actually Color Bucket Hair Chalks from Korea! ^_^

About Color Bucket
Do you know who's the ambassador for Color Bucket? It's Kpop girl group - A PINK!! Kpop FTW~~ ^,^/

Color Bucket Hair Chalk collection is under the brand Touch In SOL. I'm sure most of you is familiar with Touch In SOL? ^_^ 
Color Bucket Hair Chalk comes in a total of 13 different colours: 
Gold Digger #1, Silver Dust #2, Ruby Rocket #3, In the Navy #4, Kiss the Coral #5, Butter Fingers #6, Lovers Lilac #7, Blushing Blueberry #8, Rockin's Razzmatazz #9, What's up Wasabi #10, Jungle Love #11, ChaCha Chili #12, Shamrockin #13
It is also Fragrance Free, Paraben Free and Talc Free.
Color Bucket also consist of a Color Protection Hair Styling Fixer, containing 16 kind of vegetable ingredients, it keep natural setting and holds by coating every strand of hair as well as protects the vivid color and stylish volume effect.
- Camellia Seed Oil, Meadow Foam Seed Oil, Olive Oil
- Hibiscus Flower Extract, Jojoba Extract, Lotus Extract
- Paraben Free

How to use?
Step 1: Sandwich hair with compact and apply powder generously to both sides of hair in a downward motion.
Step 2: Use hair iron, curler or dryer to seal color and help extend stay.
Step 3: Hold fixer approximately 10cm away and spray on colored applied areas.
To remove: Simply wash hair thoroughly with regular shampoo and rinse until water runs clean.

Thanks to SaSa Singapore, I received 2 Color Bucket Hair Chalks in Rockin's Razzmatazz #9 and Ruby Rocket #3.

Rockin's Razzmatazz packaging, includes the manufacturing and expiry date as well as ingredients in English on the back.

Ruby Rocket packaging. Quite unusual to see the ingredient list printed in the same shade as the product. ^_^

Out of the box~ There's a plastic holder to secure the compact.

Rockin's Razzmatazz vs Ruby Rocket. Look like eyeshadows! heheex..

When swatched, they look a little bit less intense than the pigments in the compact.

Pictures of the used compact and my HOTD were actually up in my CNY blogposts a week ago (See here & here). Reposting them up here again~ ^_^
Below shows Rockin's Razzmatazz.

My hair of the day with Rockin's Razzmatazz, taken with iPhone.

Rockin's Razzmatazz is actually pretty bright and appear very contrasting against my black hair. This was taken after I got back home and most of the chalk are still intact~
I feel that:
- Rockin's Razzmatazz shade is very bright against my hair, therefore it's obvious even when looked from a distance
- colour pigment is strong and doesn't fade much
- stays well on my hair as long as I used hair styling spray product on it and not running my hands through my hair
- slight fall out when I tidied my hair but not really visible since its a pinkish shade
- I was wearing white and the pigments didn't stain my top at all
- very nice bright cool pink shade that I think probably many will like

Pictures of the used compact in Ruby Rocket.

My black hair with hair ends chalked with Ruby Rocket, taken with iPhone.

As my hair ends look greyish on the front, I used Ruby Rocket to hide them for the Chinese New Year~ HUAT AH~ ^_^
I feel that:
- Ruby Rocket shade is less vibrant than it originally look in the compact
- the red appears faded on my hair after I shake the excess off
- the remaining pigments stayed on pretty well after fixing it with hair spray
- the pigments fall out are not much however some pigments that landed on my face is quite visible

I feel that both the Color Bucket Hair Crayon:
- takes abit of practice to apply them on the hair
- best to do it over a sink as there will be quite alot of fall-out
- will stain my hands pretty badly if I use them to chalk the hair instead of following the instructions by sandwiching the hair with compact
- the pigments doesn't coat well if I sandwich my hair with compact, it works better if the hair is sandwiched between a piece of tissue and the compact
- using the tissue method can reduce staining of both hands
- hair styling spray is used before and after the hair chalk so as to make it last longer
- overall they last for whole day without staining my clothes
It's fun to use Color Bucket! I'd been wanting to try out temporary hair chalk for the longest time and yeah, I'd finally tried it! ^,^/~
If you haven't try one yet, go get it!

Why so serious? Get the crayon!
Wo wo wo wo! Get the cray, get the crayon! *dances*

Color Bucket Hair Chalk (3.5g) SGD$14.90 /each
Color Bucket Color Protection Hair Styling Fixer (50ml) SGD$16.90

 Where to buy?
 Available exclusively at all SaSa (Singapore) stores.

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