Les Merveilleuses LADUREE Spring Collection 2014

This year, Les Merveilleuses released their Spring Collection named the Un Trésor Poétique.

Products Lineup
The following products are already on sale since 28 Jan in Japan. All of the items for the Spring collection are limited except for the Brush & Brush holder.
First up, it's their Makeup Palette available in 3 collections #101, 102, 103 each cost 6,500円 (~SGD$93)

Creamy Cheek Pot in 3 shades too #101, 102, 103 each cost 3,500円 (~SGD$50)

Lip Crayon in 3 shades #101, 102, 103 each cost 2,800円 (~SGD$40).

NEW Powder Brush at 6,000円 (~SGD$86)

NEW Brush Holder at 3,200円 (~SGD$46)

As for the following few products will be released only on 7th March in Japan.
Face Powder Mini in 2 shades #02, 03 each cost 5,000円 (~SGD$72)

Greeting Cards 500円 (~SGD$7)

And lastly, LM's famous rose petal blush which will only be available in Japan from 21st March onwards.
Face Color Rose Laduree Mini in 2 shades #101 & 102 each cost 3,200円 (~SGD$46). 
It also comes in 2 different packaging. The baby blue is in Les Merveilleuses 2 year anniversary packaging.

Look at how pretty the rose petals & their packaging are! I wish I can get my hands on more LM's products especially their limited items. ^_^


Pictures belongs to Les Merveilleuses LADUREE. This post is for sharing purpose only.


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