Launch: TheFaceShop Calming Seed Line for Sensitive Skin

In several of my past blogposts, I'd mentioned before that I totally wouldn't mind trying out skincare that are catered for sensitive skin even though I'm not sensitive (as of now). That is because skin can slowly become sensitive as we age, partly due the constant contact with allergens & sensitizers in skincare and makeup, as well as sun exposure and environmental factors.
To prevent that, we can begin by using skincare products that's made specially for sensitive skin such as the newly launched Calming Seed skincare line by TheFaceShop.

About TheFaceShop Calming Seed Line
THEFACESHOP new natural skincare Calming Seed line is your remedy to sensitive skin. Consists of cleansing foam, mist toner, essence and cream, the new skincare line calms your skin with its 95% natural origin ingredients. It is perfect for those who have been looking for the skincare that soothes their skin.
As natural as it can be, the skincare line is free from 10 additives:
- Synthetic preservative,
- Synthetic fragrance
- Artificial coloring
- Ethanol
- Animal-sourced ingredients
- Mineral oil
- Benzophenone
- Triethanolamine
- Talc
- Sulfate
The concept of the new skincare is simple. It is clinically tested with more than 90% naturally derived formula. It is suitable for all skin types, not only for sensitive skin.

What is Tamanu Seed? 
The "God's halidom" has been used for thousands of years as a folk remedy by the Polynesian women to protect their skin from the hot sun and sea breeze. It is tryly rare as only 5kgs can be extracted out of 100kgs of fruits. It is superior to other ingredients in anti-inflammatory properties and healing skin troubles. Today it is used to treat psoriasis, redness, atopy itching and etc. The oil is not sticky and has a fresh texture, making it perfect to be used on skin.
Along with the Tamanu Seed extracts, 'Glycyrrhizin', another active ingredient that can be found in Ginseng. Glycyrrhizin is a type of saponin, excellent in treating hives, dermatitis, eczema and allergies. The extract's safety has been proved and used in almost every oriental medicine.Calming Seed, the SOS to your sensitive skin and targets problem like flushes, redness, tautness and itchiness.

Calming Seed Line
Calming Seed Mild Bubble Foam Cleanser - Mild moisturizing cleansing for sensitive skin! 95% natural derived foam cleanser
Calming Seed 1-Second Calming Mist Toner - 1 second mist toner that immediately calms down sensitive skin Calming Seed
Calming Seed SOS Care Essence - SOS care essence that moisturizes and calms taut, red sensitive skin
Calming Seed Skin-Resting Cream - Skin protection barrier that strengthens sensitive skin! Mild calming cream
Satisfaction Survey on Calming Seed
After using Calming Seed for 2 weeks
95.5% want to keep using the skincare
95.5% want to purchase the products
95.5% want to recommend the products to others
90.9% overall satisfaction rate

After 2 weeks of using the skincare, 95% of panels said:
- Skin dryness and itchiness have calmed down
- Skin surface becomes smooth
- Skin vitality improvement occurs

100% of panels said:
- Skin cools down
- No skin trouble occurs
- No burning feel on skin
- No itchiness

Complimentary from TheFaceShop
- Calming Seed Skin-Resting Cream (50ml) media kit
Such cute kit! It is actually a coin bank (spot the coin insert on top).  ^_^

The Calming Seed Cream is in a pump type bottle.

Calming Seed Mild Bubble Foam Cleanser (150ml) SGD$24.90
Calming Seed 1-Second Calming Mist Toner (160ml) SGD$37.90
Calming Seed SOS Care Essence (50ml) SGD$50.90
Calming Seed Skin-Resting Cream (50ml)  SGD$55.90

Where to buy?
Available at all TheFaceShop outlets in Singapore.
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