Innisfree Haul ~ Random Makeup Swatches

Lately, I posted my Innisfree haul on Instagram and said that I'd done a few random swatches of their products. And here they are included in this post~ ^_^
I like the deco and the interior of Innisfree shop in Ngee Ann City, looks bright and clean!

The shop is spacious and many products are packed in green packaging. Easy on the eyes~

Innisfree Haul
I didn't intend to buy anything when I checked out the shop but then I ended up with this when I walked out of the store.. lolx~
Innisfree Eco Beauty Tool Daily Brush Cleaner (100ml) cost only SGD$9! Cheap cheap~ ^_^
I'm pretty lazy at washing brushes so after using them for a few times, I will put them all at a corner and labelled them 'to be washed' and apparently I didn't wash them at all. They practically just sat there for weeks and months and collected dust. ^_^" Hahahx~ Which then lead to lesser and lesser clean brushes for me to use!
That is why I wanted to get a daily brush cleaner to cleanse my brushes every time right after using them so that I can keep them a little bit longer than usual and to reduce the number of accumulated 'to be washed' brushes... lolx~
Upon purchasing the brush cleaner, I also signed up Innisfree membership... because it's free! hahax~ ^o^ How cool is that~

Innisfree Random Swatches
While I was walking around the shop, I spotted their eyeliners and eyeshadow pencils and was intrigued by their nice range of colours.
Starting with their Gel Liners... only SGD$11!

I began to swatch every one of the gel liners! ^_^  Counting from the top, I love the 3rd to the 6th liner shades, especially the 4th one! It's shimmery peach! All are very pigmented and shows up immediately upon first swatch.

More close-up of the swatches... my camera couldn't capture the 2nd liner actual colour, it is not so whitish in real life but more of an ivory champagne.

In flash. They all look awesome in this pic!

Next, the Shadow Pencil! Sold at only S$12~

I'm not sure if there's a total of 7 or 6 shades. Because there were 2 turquoise shade that looked almost identical so I only swatched 1 of them.

Out of the 6 I swatched, the bronze (most left) is the creamiest and seem to be most pigmented. The colour and shimmer goes on easily onto my hand, unlike the rest which felt more dry. Probably it's also because the tester is new? ^_^"

This Eco Waterproof Liner is actually an eyeliner not lip liner which is going for only S$10 each. 
I was guessing that this probably can be used as lip liner too (for the pink one) since it didn't state its for the eyes or for the lips.

All 3 of them are pretty creamy and totally don't feel greasy/dry or watsoever so I feel that the pink can be used as a lipliner, which probably would look great on me because I love warm pink lippies! hahhaax~ (^∇^) The satin brown liner also look awesome.. love the sheen!

Lastly,  their new Mineral Single Shadow. They actually have lots of shades for their eyeshadows but I didn't take any pics of that ^_^"

I picked 3 among the 6 to swatch.. from a dark brown to medium bronze to gold. All 3 are quite pigmented and the shade shows up upon 2nd swatch or so. Shimmery and slightly glittery too.

Maybe in the future I'll get something else from Innisfree again like lippies? Lolx.. Meanwhile I'll try out the brush cleaner and if it's good, I'll give it a shoutout here or in my other social media platforms~ ^^ Do follow me @ IG, Twitter & FB page~

Thanks for reading! 

Where to buy?
Innisfree store at Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Ngee Ann City #B2-34/35


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