Haul & Review: Les Merveilleuses LADURÉE Face Color Rose

Last month, I get my friend Mabel to CP Les Merveilleuses products from Japan for me. I had been lemming for their blushes for the longest period! So many thanks to Mabel who kept complaining about the bulky boxes while carrying them back home. Lolx~
Anyhoo, let's get started!

This bag of Les Merveilleuses (I'll call it LM from now on) is rather huge, check it out here at my Instagram. It consist of 2 pots and 2 Face color rose refills, which one of the sets belongs to me.

Here are the 2 sets of Face color rose, labelled Blush #01 & Blush #02. Mabel who can converse in Japanese told the BA that she's giving these to friends as presents so they were packed super duper nicely and even gave extra boxes and paper bags as well as some samples! ^_^

Brochure was even put into a LM slim plastic bag~ so pretty!~

Les Merveilleuses Face Color Rose LADUREE POT
Ok, don't quite understand why they have to give the pot such a long name. lolx~

Here comes lots of images for the pot! Get ready? ^_^

Such a huge pot!

Face Powder Rose Laduree Pot & Blush in 4 shades. Prices are 12600yen for pot + refills.
Refills are 8820yen/each and single Pot cost 3780yen.

Les Merveilleuses LADUREE Face Color Rose Laduree Refill #01 & #02
Refills are packed in pretty satin drawstring bags and placed inside the boxes. Kudos to double packing style~

Shade #01 and #02 refill box.

The refills are packed in a round plastic container.

Left #01 and right #02 shade.

#01 is coral and #2 is pinkish red kind of shade.

Even their plastic containers are nicely printed with their logo and pictures of ribbons and laces~ Awww.. *melts my heart*

As the #01 shade is mine so I can only show close-up of this rose petals. I picked the largest and the smallest petal and stacked them together to compare their sizes. The large petals are actually pretty big in compare to my long hands.

After porting the petals to the pot, what's left is a thick sponge inside the plastic container. The container smells of rose! Basically the scent comes from the petals. It is lightly perfumed so whenever we blush on, we smell like rose!

I'd tried to make the petals look like a rose in the pot but kinda fail... hahax.. ^_^"

Apparently after trying to make them appear like a rose in the pot, I realised it's easier to use the petals if they are randomly put into the pot.

Capping it back and you can see a slight pinkish glow from within~

All I can say is that I really really really love the Face Color Rose Laduree that I use it everyday now! Even though the shade is #01 which looks like the lightest among all, but its awesome pigments are easily grabbed by the brush and it stays on my cheeks whole day!
The shade is even visible when I use a iPhone front cam to capture (you know how bad the pic usually turns out when using the front cam of a mobile phone... ^^").

And so is this one even though my face look dark because of the strong light coming from the back, my cheeks look slightly pinker than my face colour~

And well, this is how the actual blush look like (taken with camera). Coral but more towards light warm pink. A shade that I love using because it's very subtle and makes me look like I really blushed.
Btw, sorry I didn't do a hand swatch because its hard to use fingers to press against the petal, I'm afraid it might break into piece. (U_U")
I really hope I can get my hands on all other shades as well as the limited ones too in future! ^_^

A brochure that they gave.

It shows the other products that they carry. (click to enlarge)

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