Get Beautiful, Glowing Skin With Dettol Radiance

Have you been prepping your skin lately to have it look rejuvenated and radiant for the Chinese New Year?
If you are looking for a way to achieve glowing skin, look no further as the answer is right here! ^_^
This awesome basket of beauty tools and body bath products are able to make your skin looking healthy and shiny!
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What's in the basket

- Dettol Radiance Anti-Bacterial Body Wash

- Bath mesh
- Bristle brush wand
- Bath stone & bristle brush

- Nail tool kit

- Sea salt
- Olive oil
- Lemon

- Manual for DIY Body Scrub

How to acheive radiant skin?
Step 1A: Dry Skin Brushing
I'd been wanting to do dry skin brushing for the longest time but I kept forgetting to get a bristle brush and then...BAM! Dettol sent a basket full of wonderful beauty bath tools and I immediately took them out to use! ^,^
So, what are the benefits of dry skin brushing? Dry skin brushing helps clean, detoxify and stimulate the lymphatic system by eliminating waste and dead skin cells.
It only takes 5 mins of your time everyday and you do not need any other products except for a bristle brush!
Simply by dry brushing your skin (brush in a direction towards your heart), your skin will feel rejuvenated and will feel softer over time. With that, you will also feel more confident when you see your skin looking all radiant and healthy!

To learn how to dry brush, watch this tutorial on youtube:

Step 1B: Wet Exfoliation
There maybe many who have sensitive or dry skin and would prefer a less harsh method of exfoliation.
So here's the alternate method - wet exfoliation. By infusing moisture, skin will feel less irritated during scrubbing.
Dettol had prepared a cute manual with illustration that teaches us how to DIY your own body scrub using just sea salt, olive oil and lemon.
Below shows the 3 when mixed together.

DIY sea salt olive lemon scrub! lolx.. Ready to scrub scrub scrub my skin~

While the sea salt & lemon juice helps in removing dead skin cells, olive oil on the other hand provides moisture making my skin soft to touch and silky smooth.

Step 2: Shower with Dettol Radiance
With the dead skin cells all removed, it's time to rinse off those dirt & residues and infuse your skin with Vitamins!
Dettol Radiance is formulated with a unique blend of Vitamin B3 and C, the elixirs for beautiful skin, which catalyse optimum rejuvenation and purification to revitalise its health. Vitamin B3 has long been regarded as the secret behind young and firm skin while Vitamin C is often lauded as the perfect antioxidant for healthy and supple skin. Coupled with Dettol’s renowned germ protection capabilities to remove germs and impurities, this impeccable harmony allows the skin to reveal its inner radiance and shine with a healthy glow.
To read my review on Dettol Radiance Body Wash, click here.

Step 3: Moisturise
With the scrubbing and the washing, your skin still need 1 last step to protect itself from moisture loss. Yes, that's to moisturise!
Best to apply body lotion right after shower onto towel dried skin. This is to prevent evaporation from happening which causes moisture loss, leading to drier skin. By moisturising, you lock moisture into your skin immediately and that will prevent evaporation from taking place.

Step 4: Drink plenty of water
When I say water, I mean just plain water, not alcohol, not coffee or tea (because they dehydrate your body). Drinking water helps maintain the balance of body fluids. Our body is made out of 60% fluids, and by replenishing our body with water, it helps in many ways such as digestion, absorption, circulation, maintenance of body temperature and transportation of nutrients etc.
With enough water in your body, you will feel healthier and skin looks more radiant and plump.

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Dettol Radiance range is available in Body Wash and Bar Soaps
Retails from SGD$3.20 - $10.90
Body Wash available in 950ml, 625ml and 250ml.
Where to buy?
Available at all leading hypermarkets, supermarkets and pharmacies in Singapore.



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