FOR BELOVED ONE Advanced Whitening Arbutin Series

Many a times, we were taught to use whitening products only when we are indoors with the curtains drawn as it may leave our skin more vulnerable to UV rays. In some cases, skin applied with whitening products may even lead to burning when exposed to the sun.
Coming March 2014, FOR BELOVED ONE is launching a new series of whitening skincare products namely - Advanced Whitening α-Arbutin specially to combat this problem and to give an alternative to those who love going out under the sun and yet wish to stay fair.

About Advanced Whitening Arbutin Series
It is an upgraded comprehensive whitening series that combines low-irritant α-Arbutin compound and DNA whitening ingredients to provide a dual effect brightening treatment. This upgraded formula utilizes our skin’s crucial 72 hours after sun exposure to come to the rescue by stimulating our skin’s self whitening mechanisms and targeting the root causes of melanin formation, breaking down melanin layer by layer, achieving healthy skin that is immune to turning dull and dark. Skin is bright and radiant day to night, 24 hours a day! 
The Advanced Whitening Arbutin Series was launched in Taiwan in 2013 and has immediately taken the market by storm and was quickly sold out in stores all over Taiwan.

Sun Exposure - Take advantage of the Golden 72 hours for whitening
Most people mistakenly think that after sun exposure, you will immediately see your skin turn darker, but they do not know that there is a physiological mechanism and process in our bodies that delay the tanning process, and this delaying process is the golden period in which we can rescue our skin from the aftermath of sun exposure. 
Once the skin is exposed to UV rays, there are two reactions: "immediate tanning" and "delayed tanning". The so-called “immediate tanning” is when the existing but hidden melanin in our skin appears on skin surface in order to protect our skin; “delayed tanning” is when our bodies generate new melanin to protect our skin, because it requires production process, so the time tan will appear on our skin is delayed. 
The key to whitening lies in how to fight this "delayed tanning" response.
Professional Cosmeceutical Skincare brand FOR BELOVED ONE studies have found that once skin is exposed to UV rays, our body's melanin undergoes a process of formation, pigmentation, transfer, and metabolize within 72 hours. Therefore the most effective whitening approach is to grasp the key 72 hour repair period to come to the rescue – by suppressing the root of melanin formation at a DNA level, breaking and preventing melanin formation – that is the ultimate way to achieve optimal whitening results and prevent spots and skin dullness!

FOR BELOVED ONE has developed an Advanced Whitening Melanin-Blocking Technology – unlike traditional whitening products that only target melanin formation at the second level (reduce/inhibit activity of the enzyme tyrosinase to prevent pigmentation), FOR BELOVED ONE’s Advanced Whitening Melanin-Blocking Technology conducts whitening at an even earlier level.

Upgraded Ingredients (α-Arbutin Compound x DNA Whitening Technology)
- Block melanin formation from the roots
- Strengthens skin’s defense against UV rays
- Inhibits tyrosinase activity
- Brighten and smooth skin surface

Whitening Peptide¹² β-White™
- Whitening guardian
- Inhibits master regulator of melanin production
- Encapsulated in a liposome vehicle
- High penetration to skin’s basal layers
- Prevent MITF from giving commands
- Prevents formation of melanosomes from the very origin

- Suppress tyrosinase activity, preventing pigmentation
- Compared to conventional Arbutin, is more secure, stable and does not deteriorate
- Highy stable ingredient
- Reduces melanin formation, preventing melanosome maturation

Vitamin B3
- Breakdown melanin travel path
- Natural skincare ingredient
- Effectively prevents melanosomes from traveling to keratinocytes (skin surface cells)
- Increase skin’s moisture content
- Maintain oil-water balance

- Accelerate metabolism
- Gently exfoliates
- Prevents tyrosinase activation

Suitable Target
All skin types, especially those who desire to brighten skin, prevent dark spots and uneven skin tone.
For those whose lifestyle require outdoor activities and frequent sun exposure.

Usage Recommendations
Advanced Whitening α- Arbutin Toner → Essence → Lotion → Cream Mask

Advanced Whitening α- Arbutin Toner
Soften dead skin cells, establish skin’s basal water retention barrier. High concentration α-Arbutin compound with DNA Whitening patent ingredient, together they breakdown melanin, skin renewal patent Exo-T™ softens accumulated dead skin cells, moisturizes skin, high functional toner, deeply moisturizes and clarifies skin.

Advanced Whitening α-Arbutin Essence
Prefect 16% concentration, ultimate whitening effects upgraded. Total Whitening concentration 16%, α-Arbutin 6.5% can inhibit melanin production, plus 6.5% DNA whitening patent, deeply renews and whitens, also contains 3% high concentration of whitening compound, for daytime anti-oxidation, night time DNA repair, making skin bright and radiant from inside out!

Advanced Whitening α-Arbutin Essence swatch. Very easily absorbed into skin and leaves no trace of greasiness or glossiness after that.

Advanced Whitening α-Arbutin Lotion
Provides nourishment and moisture, for pure and bright skin.
Double whitening technology coupled with small molecules Squalane, maintains skin’s oil balance, protects skin against external damages, essential Biowhite™ compound plant extracts blocks melanin formation, purifies and moisturizes, a whitening lotion suitable for all skin types.

Advanced Whitening α-Arbutin Lotion swatch. Watery and lightweight, feels hydrating.

Advanced Whitening α-Arbutin Cream Mask
Unique oil in water cream mask allows essence to penetrate basal layers, for the ultimate
brightening effect.
Cream mask texture perfectly wraps in 3% high concentration of α-Arbutin compound and DNA
whitening patent ingredients, once in contact with skin, it instantly transforms into essence and forms
a brightening protective film on skin.
Newest technology allows the cream mask texture to act as a coat to wrap in all the whitening essence. Once in contact with skin, the cream turns into essence and immediately penetrates into skin's basal layers, allowing optimal absorption.

How to use?
Before important events, apply a thin layer for 15 minutes, rinse off with water to smooth and even skin surface for easy makeup application and adherence.
After daily skincare routine, apply thin layer onto entire face, rinse off after 15 min.
For best results, use once every 3-5 days.
Can also be used as overnight sleeping mask.

Gel-cream texture.

Advanced Whitening α-Arbutin Cream Mask swatch.

After blending it out, it forms a smooth silky watery film.

While I have not been going under the sun for a year now but previously I often get sun exposure due to the nature of my job, involving lots of running around outdoors for meetings and events. I was about 1-2 shades darker then and after a year of just staying indoors most of the time, I became fairer. Lucky for me, even with previous 3 years of frequent sun exposure, pigmentation didn't surface except for the fact that my skin became rather dehydrated, dull and I looked alot older. (sigh~ U_U")
With this new range of whitening products, I'm intrigued to find out how well it'll work on my skin. I still wear sunblock everyday but I personally think that it may not be quite enough if there comes a day that I need to work under the sun for long hours again.

Complimentary from FOR BELOVED ONE
- FOR BELOVED ONE Advanced Whitening Arbutin Essence
- FOR BELOVED ONE Advanced Whitening Arbutin Cream Mask

Lovely meetup with the FBO ladies from Taiwan!

Advanced Whitening α- Arbutin Toner (200ml) SGD$58
Advanced Whitening α- Arbutin Essence (30ml) SGD$109
Advanced Whitening α- Arbutin Lotion (100ml) SGD$74
Advanced Whitening α- Arbutin Cream Mask (50ml) SGD$100

Where to buy?
Exclusively sold @ Sephora:

Exclusive GWP offer @ Sephora: Buy any 2 Advanced Whitening Series products, get FOR BELOVED ONE Love & Care Teddy Bear Brightening Travel Set*
*Includes: Advanced Whitening α-Arbutin Toner 15ml, Lotion 10ml, Essence 3ml, Cream Mask 5ml and Flawless Brightening Bio-Cellulose Eye Mask 1 pair and a special made Arbutin Teddy Bear.


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