Review: Victorinox Swiss Army Victoria Fragrance

Today I'm going to review a rather new fragrance from Victorinox Swiss Army - Victoria EDT.
I'm not sure about others (call me tortoise in the well), but I myself have not come across fragrances from Victorinox Swiss Army. Well, I think everyone is familiar with Swiss Army knives but what about their fragrances? This is my first time introducing their fragrance from the Swiss Army collection, so read on! ^_~

About Victorinox Swiss Army Victoria
Victoria is a pretty new fragrance from Victorinox Swiss Army, launched last year Sept.
A woman is defined by her fragrance. That’s why she likes to make sure her independence has the right note everyday. With Victoria, Victorinox Swiss Army launches a self-confident feminine fragrance that clearly signals: this woman has style!
Today's woman prefers to rely on herself. With Victorinox Swiss Army Victoria, she can now rely on her Eau de Toilette as well. Victoria suits every day, every occasion and every mood. Musk, sandalwood and myrrh create a pleasant persistence; lily of the valley, violets and freesias place a flowery crown on this harmony.

Inspiration for Victoria comes from the heart of the Victorinox brand. In 1921 the name Victorinox was created by combining Victoria, the name of the mother of the company's founder, and "inoxidable", meaning stainless. For almost 130 years Victorinox has been producing and distributing worldwide multi-functional pocket knives, including the legendary "Swiss Army Knife". They stand for the highest Swiss quality, creative functionality and groundbreaking innovation. They are all indispensable companions in the lives of their owners, both female and male.

Victoria fragrance is to bring women an everyday scent with a timeless feminine signature and irresistible comfort.


 Victorinox Swiss Army Victoria
The design is pretty clean and simple and it was inspired by the emblems in the military service, the perfect balance of strength, chic and a lighthearted lifestyle.

Beautiful laurel and edelweiss engraving on the frosted platinum sides.

Spray nozzle is chrome just like the top part of its cap.

The colour of the fragrance in the bottle is in light sepia, matching the packaging and appears to look like the whole bottle is in platinum which I feel that it represents the independent side of every women.

Whenever I use Victoria, I feel I'd step up a notch in my confidence level. The scent of Victoria is pretty strong, it feels like I'm having a powerful aura glowing around me when I spray it on.
At first, the scent smells potent & crisp, enriched with something sweet & powdery at the same time.
Then it settled down to become more floral & powdery. The scent remains strong throughout the minute and it forces its way through my nose and down my throat that I could almost taste it.
The base note however is tender unlike its top and middle note. What I like most is when everything turned mild and the delicate scent of sandal wood lingers onto my skin. Scents of flower, leaf and wood are what's left after all have settled down. When I hold my wrist up close to my nose, it is like holding a cedar leaf up and sniffing at it. Soft and light and a little elegant.
Victoria Eau de Toilette last for a good 4-5 hours for me, then it's barely there after that.
In order for the base note to last longer or maybe smells a little more stronger on me, I spray a couple of times on my wrists, crook of arm & knees, ankles, near my heart and dab some on my neck as well.

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